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Philippus Baalman


Senior Software Engineer and ScrumMaster, Wehkamp

Location: Enschede, The Netherlands


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Philippus Baalman

I'm a software engineer and experienced ScrumMaster. I love seeing software products come alive sprint by sprint (but I prefer a shorter timescale).

Taking the Coursera class "Principles of Functional Programming in Scala" and its follow-up "Principles of Reactive Programming" rekindled my love for functional programming, which I'm now applying at Wehkamp, mainly in Scala and Akka.

My Scrum Journey:

I got interested in Scrum through my work at TRIMM. I worked as a ScrumMaster for more than a year before taking the official Certified ScrumMaster training. After the training we implemented a lot of the practices I was taught in my team.

As we got more experience with continuously improving our way of developing software, we also started improving our way of delivering software (using continuous integration, automated testing and releasing more frequently) and making sure we are building the right software by closely working with our stakeholders and focusing more and more on business value.


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