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Orest Osipov


Project Manager/Software Developer, Softserve

Location: Lviv, Ukraine


Certified ScrumMaster



I have 5+ years of experience in software development for MS Windows and Palm OS platforms for different industries including distribution, documents management, and inspection.

I have implemented about 5 software projects of various sizes, including full application design from the scratch, usage and development of design patterns, performance improvement procedures.

I have experience in client-server architecture, object oriented programming and design, WEB 2.0 development, installation solutions for desktop applications , script preparation for WEB and synchronization.

Strong knowledge area : HTML, XML, Action Script, PHP, Coldfusion, JavaScript, Dojo, MS SQL Server, MySQL, WDDX, POL


Work Experience

SoftServe, Inc.                                            01.2006 – present                                           Lviv, Ukraine

    Administrative WEB module, Palm module and synchronization

I worked on design and development of a part of application focusing on solutions for private property maintenance. The project includes central database administrative server, central application, and handheld applications for auditors. Software functionality includes data collection and management, report generation, planning routes for auditors, etc.

Role: Developer/PM

Platform: MS Windows 2000/XP

Technologies: Borland C++ Builder, MS SQL Server 2000, ADO, Crystal Reports, POL, ColdFusion, PHP , Dojo, Javascript, HTML

Client: USA Company


    * SoftServe - Palm: SalesWorks

Worked on design and development  Crystal Reports which were embedded into SalesWorks application. My job was to prepare SQL stored procedures for the reports and design these reports. Also I made some minor changes to SalesWorks application modules.

Role: Developer

Platform: MS Windows 2000/XP

Technologies: Crystal Repoerts, C#

Client: Ukraine Company




    Fitness Body Modelling

I worked on the VB container for ActiveX component. My responsibility was to write the application which can control human body measurements and display it in viewport. Also I worked on printing for this application.

Role: Developer

Platform: MS Windows 2000/XP

Technologies: Visual Basic 6, Wild Magic, ActiveX, C++

Client: USA Company



    SBFlashWizard client application support

I worked on design and development of FlashWizard . This is client side application for internet marketing system . FlashWizard connects to server through XMLSocket and posts to server some requests . Due to these requests server sends Flash application information in XML format about controls which should be rendered on the screen . My job was to parse this information and create properly rendered application .

 Role: Developer

Platform: MS Windows XP

Technologies: Macromedia Flash 5/MX/2004 MX/8 , Macromedia Flex1.5 , SEPY ActionScript editor, JavaScript

Client: USA Company



Liga Law                                                         06.2005 – 10.2005                                               Lviv, Ukraine

    * System Administrator in  big industrial plant. Support administrative systems.

National University Lvivska Polytechnica        2004 – 2005                                               Lviv, Ukraine

    * Several flash-based games for National University Lvivska Politehnika, department Computer Engineering .

Environment: Macromedia Flash MX , Swift , 3D Max.

Computers Department                             National University Lvivska Polytechnica
09.2000– 12.2005                                                            Lviv, Ukraine

Master’s degree Diploma in Computer Engineering
Computers Department                             National University Lvivska Polytechnica
09.2000– 06.2005                                                            Lviv, Ukraine


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