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Oliver Lange


Owner, Le Petit Atelier de Génie logiciel sàrl

Location: Geneva, Switzerland


« Dawn after dawn: a foggy night; dew on the grass; a clear day. »

I will happily help out defining purpose and direction ‒ then guide and coach to craft a solution. Or do the crafting, if you need an experienced developer.

With a strong background in digital publishing, digital archiving and enterprise content management, I can help at gathering requirements, designing and building complex web applications, websites and intranets, as well as their interfaces to legacy systems.

15 years of (professional) software development brought me in-depth and expert understanding of the software processes and needs of the stakeholders involved in crafting software.

I am running Le Petit Atelier de Génie logiciel, in Switzerland, Geneva. I mostly enjoy and work with free and open-source software.


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