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Nagaraju(Nag) Varada


Senior Program Manager, Technalink

Location: Ashburn, VA/USA


Certified ScrumMaster



Nagaraj (Nag) Varada, highly experienced IT Manager with 14+ years managing advanced development and leading large organizations in developing, installing, testing and provisioning of complex software.

Work experience

Technalink, Senior Scrum Master
February 2015 - Present, Washington DC, US
o IT manager responsible for delivering a critical FAA Administrator’s Risk Based Decision Making (RBDM) web based application o Accountable for budgets of $7.8 million and managing 11 team members o Coached team on Scrum methodology o Removed impediments to the teams’ progress to sprint commitments o Managed team velocity/throughput in JIRA where the requirements and work has been managed o Feedback that is obtained during Sprint retrospectives and Release retrospectives has been implemented during the course of the project o Dashboard reports were developed for the FAA executives, the reports provided valuable information on the state of the safety issues o My cyber security background has helped in completing the security assessments easily. Web Application, Database and server scans that were completed by the Webinspect, DB Protect and MVM respectively have been analyzed to ensure there are no “Critical” or “High” vulnerabilities exists. o Vulnerabilities have been addressed based on the recommendations provided by the tools. For some of the vulnerabilities additional research has been completed and solutions put in place and documented as best practices to be used in the future o Assisted FAA in defining the information security policies and procedures in navigating and handling the application and its data o Assisted with Categorization of the information System and determination of which security controls should be levied against the system


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