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Nickolas Passig


Rio World Class LLC

Location: Denver, CO


Certified Scrum Product Owner


We are alive in one of the most exciting moments in the history of civilization. Technology has exceeded our previous generations' greatest dreams.  The pioneers of the web believe the internet is still in its infancy. Jeff Bezos said it best when he compared the current internet to early electricity and its dangerous washing machines (thanks

The sky's the limit in this new wild west that is more prosperous than the gold rush, offers an abyss of free resources, and flattens the earth by connecting people in an instant. Being a part of something that is boundless in capability while connecting the world makes me grateful to have been a part of so many exciting professional circumstances. While I consider myself a web futurist, I am also a business realist.

Since this is a business site, please allow me to list some professional passions:
Taking web products from conception to release, strengthening companies when they're under tremendous pressure to execute, creating innovative web assets, mouse-click to doorstep product logistics, music / movie / game licensing, start-ups and scaling, social networks, and pretty much anything related to the pervasive organism we call the "web". If it seems like an insurmountable challenge and it's web related, I like it already.

Thriving web companies often run into trouble when they over-complicate things, find themselves redoing work, being reactive, and typically get ripped off when they look for a third-party bailout solution. If you know a project like this, I will bring it back to life.

Certified Agile Scrum Product Owner [2008]
Produced, managed, or monetized over 100 websites (including Fortune, public, and private organizations)

Entertainment media
+ production
+ writing
+ content management
+ direction
+ management
+ business development
+ licensing and royalties

Web strategy
+ development
+ monetization
+ optimization
+ analytics
+ usability
+ marketing
+ promotions


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