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Niladri Mahapatra
Agile Coach at Cognizant.
Bangalore, India


Niladri Mahapatra 7+ years of Agile Experience including 2 years of Coaching experience under more than 18 years of Industry Experience with the following profile highlights

  1. Enterprise Agile Transformation.
  2. Coaching Scrum Team (SM, PO and Dev Team members)
  3. Training.
  4. Hands on coaching to respective layers in Organizational Hierarchy.
  5. Coach multiple scrum Teams simultaneously, for both Scrum and Kanban
  6. Coaching the scrum team Enforcing Time boxes, and responding to the Impediments, and Retrospective.
  7. Coaching Backlog Prioritization, Pre-Planning, Sprint Planning, Grooming, Daily Scrum, Retrospective.
  8. Conduct Agile Process training
  9. Coach to work on Status Reporting to Product Owner and Stakeholders.
  10. Train team to do Agile Estimation, Planning Poker, and Complexity Bucket.
  11. Defining Processes for groups of team,
  12. Configuring dynamic reporting for stake holders and sponsors
  13. Train to Track and monitor Agile Matrix like Capacity, Velocity, Burn Down Chart, Cycle time, Lead Time, Throughput, PSP,PW,AW,CSP,PPC, APC etc
  14. Excellent communication skills, coupled with very positive user interaction &; team sprit
  15. Strong background in Software Development Life Cycle methodologies such as iterative approach using Scrum as well as traditional like Waterfall Model.
  16. Creating Agile Best practice tutorials (
  17. Creation of Video tutorials.