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Nikitas Kalantjakos

402 301-7118


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Nikitas Kalantjakos Enterprise Agile Coach helping teams transform and evolve. I've personally lived through the transition from traditional methods to Agile/Lean and I have an appreciation for what it takes. I'm passionate about scaling Agile in larger, more chaotic organizations, and in coaching teams/individuals to amazing performance. Highlights of where I've been and outcomes: - Citibank MEAD - Diners Club - Partnership with Levi Strauss Norden - Physicians Mutual - DTN Corp - FACTS Management - Nelnet Business Solutions - - CSG International Community: - PMI Heartland Board Member, PMI National (OPM3 Team Leader) - Omaha, NE Agile User Group Board Member - Classroom community service - Build a Park community service Not to mention: - PMP (no longer active) - CSM (in good standing) - CSP (in good standing) - IC Agile Team Coach (in good standing) - SPC (in good standing)


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