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Nelson Hochman


Scrum Master, Cancer Institute NSW

Location: Sydney, Australia



I hold a bachelor Degree in Information Technology with emphases on Systems Analysis. 

I have 14 years of experience in software development, basically creating websites, web portals, financial systems and systems to maintain and integrate the data like a Content Management System (CMS). 

I am a Java Specialist Developer and have worked with other recent technologies like Ruby on Rails, Jquery, Ajax, Struts and Maven. In my current job we use Scrum Methodology (Agile Development) to develop better software in less time. 

Additionally, I have skills in development of Stored Procedures, Pl/SQL scripts, Unix scripts, deployments, CSS Tableless, Database Design, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), SDLC, Unit tests (Junit), Quality Assurance and peer work. 

Also, I have skills to manage Scrum teams as a Scrum Master. (ScrumAlliance profile:

I am an IT passionate, problem solving, good analysis, self-motivated, team player, and have very good relationship with customers, good communication skills and interpersonal skills. I really like to work and learn new technologies every day. In teamwork I always give my opinion to try to improve the quality of the development and the deployment. I am creative an initiative, able to work as part of a team or independently.

Specialties: * Java - JUnit, ANT, Selenium, Tomcat, JBoss, EJB, Struts, Hibernate, JSF, JPA, Eclipse
* Ruby on Rails - Cucumber, Capistrano
* Agile Development (Scrum)
* Oracle, MySql, SqlServer
* Desktops Windows, Mac and Linux ( Ubuntu e Kubuntu ) - ShellScript
* Microsoft Visual Basic (4, 5 e 6), Asp
* Vignette ( V5 ) Developer Certified, V6
* CVS, SouceSafe, SVN

Work experience

Cancer Institute NSW, Scrum Master
September 2013 - Present, Sydney, New South Wales, AU
Responsible for the implementation of Agile methodologies in the organisation, changing the current culture and helping stakeholders/managers/developers/product owners with training, hands on courses, etc. Main responsibilities during projects: . Remove impediments . Facilitate meetings, daily meetings, reviews and plannings . Report current state of the project to managers . Collect information about project's progress . Create good environment to the team members . Help the Product Owner to define the Goals, backlogs and everything related to the project to maximize the productivity, Scrum Master
September 2009 - April 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Company: OrganizaƧƵes Globo are the largest group of media and entertainment companies in Latin America. Responsibilities: .As Scrum Master had the following responsibilities: . Involved in projects using recent technologies as Java, Ruby, Python, Oracle and MYSQL. . Supported internal customers of Product/Marketing Dept, Legal Dept, Financial Dept and Sales/After Sales Dept . Build the release plan . Build the iteration plan . Facilitate meetings (daily meetings, plannings, estimations, reviews and retrospectives) . Remove impediments . Ensures that the team is fully functional and productive . Shields the team from external interferences . Ensures that the process is followed, including issuing invitations to daily scrums, sprint reviews, and sprint planning . Ensures that relevant metrics have been formulated and are being utilized for the correct purpose . Took over emergency cases and responsibilities until the problem was solved or escalated . Helped new members/trainees to understand the architecture of all systems . Managed the call center issues


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