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Nikos Batsios


agile coach,CSPĀ®

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece


Nikos Batsios is helping teams and organisations to grow strong in understanding the agile values and principles and applying various practices in their working context. Believing that great teams can achieve astonishing results, he is keeping his focus in creating an environment of quality-humane-relationships, that will further unleash the potential of individuals, enable teams to high perform and cooperate towards the same and shared organisation purpose. Seeing satisfied, high performing teams that exceed their own and their organizational goals, motivates him, makes me to continue serve them and try to meet their needs! Passionate about agile coaching motivated by learning and experiments!

Work experience

AXA, agile coach
December 2015 - Present, Milan, Italy
Launching the first Agile pilots in AXA Milan. Based on identified needs, throughout the coaching period focus was given in: - creating alignment and shared understanding among all key players (business/IT/suppliers) on customer needs/requirements - fostering the collaboration among business/IT/suppliers - portfolio management - clarifying frameworks, roles, responsibilities, expectations

Marine Traffic, agile coach
February 2016 - June 2016, Athens, Greece
A short term part time assignment with main objectives to: - Assess the current way of working and identify those agile practices that need to be adopted based on identified needs and the specific context - Support and guide in organizing the portfolio of initiatives based on a Kanban system aiming to enable transparency of the work flow, balance demand with capacity and fast value delivery of initiatives. - Provide training and remote support on Kanban system implementation, stories writing and events facilitiation - Reporting on main achievements and suggest next steps in company's agile implementation plan

SIGMIA, agile coach
October 2015 - December 2015, Thessaloniki, Greece
a short term assignment to run an accelerator program which covered the following areas: - golden circle (start with why) workshop - business model canvas workshop - identify areas for improvement and next steps

Intracom Telecom, agile coach/scrum master
June 2009 - November 2015, Thessaloniki, Greece
Activities: - Train teams, PdOs, ScMs, and new comers on agile and lean (values, principles, practices, frame- works) - Mentoring new ScMs - Continuous coaching teams and individuals on team and personal development - Support teams to high perform and encourage self-organization - Work with teams and individuals on soft skills development - Contribute in the continuation of agile transformation - Focus in creating an e2e mindset and removing boundaries among teams and their stakeholders/fo- cus on lean and flow thinking - Supporting individuals, teams and the organisation to continuously learn and get improved


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