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Marcin Tos



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

ALE Krakow


Formerly a practitioner of typical waterfall project management methodologies and best practices managing and coordinating IT/software development projects for financial market institutions. Responsible not only for all aspects of project delivery but also for building and maintaining customer relationship. Currently real enthusiast and practitioner of Agile and Lean software development approach. helping Team members to adapt to different working environment, being an ‘active link’ between customer, product owners and other stakeholders, looking for Team’s work and process improvements. All to have some fun, satisfaction and happiness :)

My own ‘3 It’s' concept I believe in, not only at work but also in my life:
 - It’s good to be always ahead of the game
 - It’s never too late for changes
 - It’s possible to do things better next time if you want


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