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Manoel Pimentel Medeiros
Agile Coach/Mentor at AdaptWorks.
São Paulo - Brazil


Manoel is coach, entrepreneur, writer, reviewer,  speaker, innovator, rule-breaker and change maker.  He is Agile Coach and Trainer at Adaptworks Treinamentos. 

He works more than 18 years in the IT area.  He has a deeply experience on help the Agile transitions in large and complex organizations. He helped the development and building of many teams in different companies. 

Manoel was one of pioners of Agile Movement on Brazil. He also was founder of  Visão Ágil Magazine and He also chairman of Agile Brazil 2013 (The mainly brazilian conference about Agile Methods). 

Beyond your certifications, Manoel is a catalyzer and socializer of ideas for a better world.