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Mario E Moreira


Advisor & Coach for Agile


Mario Moreira is Agile Coach and Consultant, Executive Coach, Scrum Master, and Engineering leader.  Mario is also an Author and Writer and has worked in the Technology, Software, Product, Architecture, and Methodology fields since 1986.  He has worked actively in the CM field since 1986 and in the Agile field since 1998.  He has experience with Agile, CM, Architecture, Project Management, Software Quality Assurance, Requirement Engineering, Methodology, Training, and team building skills and experience.  He has an MA in Mass Communication with emphasis on with an emphasis on communication technologies.  In addition, he holds a Project Management degree from Boston University.    

Mario is the author of a new Agile book entitled, "Being Agile - Your Roadmap to Successful Agile Adoption" (via Apress).  It provides a strong focus on the culture change that must occur to gain the business benefits of Agile and provides the RICH (Ready, Implement, Coach, Hone) deployment roadmap that will help you get there with a special focus on getting the team ready for the culture change to the Agile mindset.    


Mario is also the author of a book entitled “Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams” (via Wiley).  It provides an Agile Primer and a CM Primer, infrastructure to support Agile with discussion on Cloud infrastructure, how to adapt CM practices for Agile Teams, evaluating Agile tools, and considerations for standards and frameworks in an Agile setting. 

In addition, Mario is also the author of the SCM book entitled “Software Configuration Management Implementation Roadmap (via Wiley).  It includes step-by-step guidance for implementing SCM at the organization, product, and project levels.   


Mario writes articles in his active blog entitled Agile Adoption Roadmap at







Work experience

Emergn Limited, Agile Consultant
October 2013 - Present, Boston, United States

Providing value-added consulting services focused on optimized end-to-end solutions for bringing agility to business and product teams. Bringing a special focus on inspiring real organizational, culture, and team change through delivering value, improving flow, and increasing quality. 

- Providing lead Agile, Lean, and Value, Flow, and Quality coaching, mentoring, and training. 
- Establishing relationships with organizations looking to achieve an Agile mindset and gain business benefits.

Being Agile Consulting, Agile Consultant
January 2013 - October 2013, Boston, MA, United States

Provide Agile business and technical consulting to help transform organizations and product development toward Agility. A special focus on providing the business value and Agile mindset perspective to adoptions to bring about a more effective Agile transformation. Clients include: 

Scout (Boston)
- Provided Agile values and principles and Scrum training. 
- Provided Agile Coaching within a Scrum context to strengthen team practices
- Coached in-session Scrum events and motivated improvement opportunities
- Strengthened Product Owner abilities and PO related practices (grooming, etc.)

Harvard Business Publishing (Watertown) 
- Agile Champion and Scrum Master using collaborative approaches to transition team to use effective Agile Scrum practices. 
- Educated team on applying done criteria, backlog grooming, personas, customer validation, user stories in canonical form, story points using fibonacci sequence, and more.

CA, Advisor
March 2009 - December 2012, , Massachusetts, United States

Provide company-wide leadership in the areas of Agile and Configuration Management (CM) to help transform product development by adapting to customer needs and market changes, and increase innovation.

Agile Champion who leads an Enterprise Agile Team using collaborative approaches to build the CA common Agile Scrum framework with effective Agile practices. Building out training to support the organization focusing on Agile Overview, Agile Scrum Team Foundations, Agile for Executives, and Agile Product Owner areas.

Agile Coach for numerous teams to help them adopt Agile methods.  Applies a self-established Agile Adoption Roadmap where teams prepare during the readiness stage focusing on team roles, practices, etc, and then help teams deploy including training and in-session coaching and mentoring.   

Agile Product Advisor for the CA Agile Vision product focusing on meeting customer needs, establishing appropriate messaging, training presales and sales teams, and providing content for Ovum white paper and marketing materials.

CM Champion who leads an Enterprise CM Team using collaborative approaches to build a common CM policy, process flow, procedures, and practices. CM Advisor for CM and ALM technology and infrastructure projects.

Fidelity Investments, Vice President of Methodology and Architecture
January 2001 - December 2008, , Massachusetts, United States

Innovative IT Leader who built relationships and provided progressive leadership in the Agile, Product Mgt, Infrastructure, Project Mgt, SCM, and IT Governance areas. Grew a SCM consulting business from scratch to serve over 100 products. Head of System Administration for Development and Test systems including server consolidation. Improved the company methodology including strong PM practices and promoted adoption from having 200 hits a month to the methodology website to over 30,000 hits a month. Established and deployed an IT Governance architecture practice from scratch to where all business units are assessing standards and reducing cost. Also established the first Agile Coaching Forum bringing together Agilists for the first time within my company to consider and implement new lean methods.


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