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Michael Marchi


Manager, Delivery Leadership, Strive Consulting

Location: Chicago, IL


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Michael Marchi is a Manager of Delivery Leadership at Strive Consulting and founding member of the Agile Professional Learning Network (APLN) Chicago.  Within two days of receiving his CSM from Jeff Sutherland in February 2006, he began as Scrum Master for the first of two pilot scrum teams at Siemens Building Technologies.  A second scrum team soon followed, and then a year later two offshore teams were added to the project. Through the use of Scrum of Scrums Michael coordinated with the offshore Scrum Master to lead the project to a series of on-time and on-budget deliveries. Following his success with the pilot project, Michael was given the opportunity to travel to Switzerland, Italy and India, training over 300 engineers to follow the same strategies in implementing Scrum at their locations.  In 2009, he obtained his CSPO certifcation and then worked with the PMO at Siemens to formalize an agile process using Scrum as the driving framework. He spent a year as a Product Owner, and even worked as a developer on another team under the process framework he helped design. Since 2008, he has been the driving force behind the Agile Professional Learning Network, a monthly meetup group that gets together to explore the edges of the agile space. He spent a year as Director of Engineering for a Indigo Interactive, where he built an scrum team and served as Scrum Master. He is Manager of Delivery Leadership with Strive Consulting he spends much of his time as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master, helping organizations navigate through agile transformations. Through this work, he trains and mentors members of the organization from the team level up through senior managment, guiding Team members, Product Owners and Scrum Masters in a ever-continuing improvement cycle. It is in this role that he has found his purpose, serving as a teacher and enabling others to make a difference in their organization.

Work experience

Allstate, Agile Coach
September 2014 - Present, Northbrook, IL, US
Allstate is initiating pilot projects to test agile methods including XP and Scrum. I was brought in to train and work with the first group that was going to use the new draft agile process to deliver product for use by customers. Starting with one cross-functional team I have served as Scrum Master for two delivered projects. With the advent of the third project, we have expanded to two scrum teams working in parallel from a single product backlog. This month we will bring the third team online.

DRD/Indigo Interactive, Director of Engineering
September 2013 - August 2014, Arlington Heights, IL, US
I was brought on as Director of Engineering with two directives. 1. Find a way to get the runaway development schedule under control, and 2. Build a culture that would attract new talent. Using agile estimation techniques, I created a product backlog for each of the projects, then worked with the team to come up with story point estimates. Then, working in two-week sprints, we began using scrum to manage the day-to-day operation of the projects, and track deliverables.

Siemens Industry, Building Technologies, Software Engineer
July 2001 - September 2013, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, US
Scrum champion, and leader of the scrum evangelist group at SBT. Brought Scrum, and served as ScrumMaster on initial pilot projects, then helped PMO define the standard agile process SBT would use moving forward. Created training materials and delivered training to 300+ engineers, testers and product owners in U.S., Switzerland, Italy and India. In 2009, received CSPO and then served as Product Owner for a year. Served as local site ScrumMaster for a large global project with teams distributed globally, as well as (unofficial) scrum coach for the rest of the global community at SOS meetings. Not only helped define the process, but served as a member of Scrum teams operating under the process. Hold the distinction of serving in every scrum team role during my tenure there.


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