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Mirko Kleiner


Agile Coach, flowdays

Location: Baar, ZG/Switzerland


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Certified Agile Leadership 1


MIRKO KLEINER, IS CREATOR OF LEAN-AGILE-PROCUREMENT, OWNER OF WAI.O.BLUE AND FOUNDING MEMBER OF FLOWDAYS COOPERATIVE Mirko works as an independent agile coach and interim manager. He has long been an avowed Agilist (Agile Evangelist), but also flexible if it necessairy to adopt to the given surrounding conditions. After over 13 years of professional experience in various positions in distributed organizations, large-scale projects and different cultures (India, Russia, Serbia, Romania, West-EU), he is a known expert in setting up and management of distributed organizations and solving their challenges. He shall be responsible for a balanced increase of business values and optimization of the corporate culture and is always looking for a holistic and sustainable approach beyond organizational and disciplinary boundaries. He is eager to learn by other disciplines, persons and methods. Such as trends like Omni- commerce, gamification and collaborative consumption and their impact on organizations. Mirko is currently engaged with theme's like: Agile Portfolio Management, Scaled Agile with x-functional Teams and the question "What is before an agile Contract?"-Check:

Articles I've written

Beyond Scrum: Lean Enterprise - "Agile R&D Stream"
Smaller and mid-size companies usually don't have their own R&D department. On the other hand, companies that are delivery driven often have "spare time," e.g., time in between projects that needs to be filled with valuable tasks. . . .

Simple Arguments for Scrum to Support Sales People
In presentations but also negotiations about booking Scrum teams, I like the following visualization. It shows in the most simple way the advantages of using Scrum compared to traditional approaches. . . .

When Do We Have a Distributed Scrum Team?
I’d like to present you my personal definition of "Distributed Scrum." Do not take it too seriously. But on the other hand, it's not so wrong, either. . . .

Are Scrum Team Members Compatible with Line Organization?
All companies I know that run Scrum still have a line organization. The idea of a line organization is to link organizational units, with the help of managing relations, to a hierarchical organization system. In other words, all ScrumMasters are part of a ScrumMaster line, developers part of a developer line, etc. . . .


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