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Mike Beedle
CEO at Enterprise Scrum Inc..
Chicago, IL


Mike Beedle was the SECOND Scrum adopter - second only to Jeff Sutherland's Scrum team in Boston, with experience practicing Scrum since mid 1995 in a variety of business environments.


Mike and his companies have introduced Scrum, Enterprise Scrum and Business Agility, to tens of thousands of people and thousands of companies, providing training, consulting, mentoring, and coaching.  


Mike Beedle was the creator of the Enterprise Scrum framework, a generic Scrum-like framework with scaling that can agilize almost anything:  company management, business units, customer segments, marketing and sales, SW, HW, compliance, HR, finance, etc. 


Mike Beedle was the FIRST CEO to manage an entire company managed in an Agile way using Enterprise Scrum (2001).  Enterprise Scrum Inc. now have 60 trainers world-wide offering all of the above mentioned courses.


Enterprise Scrum is a founding corporate member of the Business Agility Institute, and Mike Beedle was a founding member of the Business Agility Council.

Mike Beedle has written:

  • author of Enterprise Scrum: Business Agility for the 21st century 2018
  • author of the Enterprise Scrum definition, 2012 - date
  • co-author of the Agile Manifesto, 2001
  • co-author of the first Scrum book, Agile Software Development with Scrum, 2001
  • co-author of the first Scrum paper published in a book, the Scrum Patterns paper, 1996 
  • co-author of the upcoming Scrum Pattern Language book, 2018