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Michael Abugow


Scrum Master, Viverae, Inc.

Location: Plano, TX


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

DFW Scrum (Dallas/Fort Worth)


Michael Abugow has worked both as a Scrum Master and an Agile coach across various industries including travel, transportation, entertainment, health, online publishing, and terrestrial publishing to name a few.  He has worked as both a consultant and an internal, fulltime employee.  Throughout his employment, Michael has helped teams new to Scrum, adopt the framework and help them become high performing teams.  He has also helped teams that were already together increase their knowledge and their skills with Scrum, XP, test driven development, behavior driven development and in some cases move from Scrum to Kanban or Kanban to Scrum.  Michael has an insatiable appetite to learn how to be a better Scrum and in turn help his teams increase their skillsets.  Michael’s favorite aspect of helping teams is that a-ha moment when they recognize how far they have come with Scrum and how much they enjoy employing the framework and start extoling the virtues of Scrum to their friends in other parts of the organization.


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