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Kaarthik Viswanathan


Lead Application Developer, Great-West Global

Location: Bangalore, India


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Kaarthik Viswanathan started my career as a Software Engineer at Infosys Technologies Ltd in Bangalore. I got an opportunity to travel to the US and work there for a couple of years for a Reputed US bank where I was exposed to the world of agility. I got married in the year 2010 and came back to settle in India. I got an opportunity to work for the same US bank as a process expert in the domain. The org wide implementation of Agile paved way for my introduction to Agile and Scrum in specific. Very soon, I realized the importance of the methodology and the way it exposed shortcomings really interested me. I became a certified scrum master in 2012. Became a member of the core group for the entire organization and start to share and absorb best practices along with the other folks. The 2014 Agile India event gave a great opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the most agile people in the world and the some of the brains behind Agile implementations like Diana Larsen and Martin Fowler. By 2015 I had the exposure and expertise to guide and train other folks and teams on the process and started showcasing my expertise by successful agile implementations Being a domain expert in my domain, I attained the CSPO certification as the line of business got acquired by another industry leader. With the expertise in process and the best practices, I've been able to influence a lot of teams in a positive manner to take to Agile as a practice and way of life rather than a methodology. I am trying to become a Certified Scrum Practitioner and take the experience to the next level.

Work experience

Great West Global , Scrum Master
July 2015 - Present, BANGALORE, Karnataka, India
The Retirement business got acquired from J.P.Morgan Chase to Great West Financials. I moved to the new organization as part of the merger. The Organization follows an agile model for all the development work and also the portfolio level planning for the yearly work plans I've been primarily working as a scrum master and also helping all the new teams set-up for following agile. Have been involved in the capacity of a coach to implement some of the best practices for their sprints and Retrospectives.

J.P.Morgan Chase India , Scrum Master
December 2010 - June 2015, BANGALORE, Karnataka, India
Worked as a Scrum Master for close to 4 years. The roles and resonsibilities are as follows : • Drove the agenda of implementing agile in the team and build a strong agile self organizing team. • Got trained in the US and came back and trained the entire team as part of Train the Trainer initiative • Responsibilities include, conducting the Agile ceremonies like Daily stand-up, Iteration planning, release planning, Iteration retrospective and showcase • Help the team to perform swarming wherever possible and help the team meet the iteration goal and also to meet the Definition of Done • Coordinate with the product owner for maintaining the team's product backlog and the Iteration backlog • Work with the product owner and the Business analyst to Groom the backlog with a weekly backlog grooming meetings • Participate in project Scrum of Scrum meetings • Shield the team from any external or internal distractions and make sure that the team is focused • Maintain a Technical debt backlog and co-ordinate with the product owner to get that worked on as well • Track Waste and do a detailed analysis of the waste tasks with the team and try to automate wherever possible • Participate in all Scrum master's community of practices in the organization • Help other teams to implement agile by helping them with transition from traditional hours to story points estimate, participating in the team's daily stand-up and thereby helping the teams to become efficient • Part of the 10 member core team from J.P.Morgan that organized and represented the company in the Agile India conference held in Bangalore between 26th February to 1st March 2014. J.P.Morgan was the title sponsor Also, worked as a Tech lead and Application developer: • Own a big mainframe based batch application from India. Work directly with the Business stakeholders. • Working as a Scrum master for the last 3 years and 6 months as an added role for the team • Mainframe tech lead in a team working for Retirement Business • I started this team in Bangalore and hired and set-up the entire team. • Playing a Tech lead and mentor role for a team of 10. • Follow Agile methodology in all of our development and maintenance. • Handle CA7 scheduling for Test environment for the entire team. • Handle DR activities for all the applications supported by the team. Co-ordinate between various teams to make the DR a success


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