Katrina Thacker (formerly Bales)


Founder, Adeptivity Productions LLC

Location: San Jose, CA


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Katrina Bales has been engaged in the ideation, design and delivery of information technology products for longer than she cares to divulge. Much like the legendary ‘Route 66’, she has undergone many improvements and realignments during her professional journey as a learner, doer and leader. Back in the 90’s, Katrina got her first taste of Agile in the form of RAD/JAD and never looked back. She confesses to being a reformed ‘Command/Control’ manager who still occasionally falls off the wagon, much to her chagrin.Katrina works currently as an independent lean/agile consultant. She holds a Masters in Business from the University of Southern California and is a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner. Katrina considers herself a perpetual student and figures it’s about time she started passing along some of the things she’s learned from all the wonderful people who’ve helped make her life and career such a great ride.

Work experience

Big Visible, Business Agility Enterprise & Team Coach & Trainer
November 2012 - Present, San Jose, CA, United States
Working as a freelance Business Agility Enterprise & Team Coach as well agile trainer through Big Visible, I have spent over 400 hours to date working with a Datawarehouse/Business Intelligence Product Team for a large entertainment client in Burbank, CA. The focus to date has specifically been on training, coaching and building the team's competencies and capabilities in applying the Scrum framework as well as additional agile techniques and practices such as automated testing.

Incept5, Agile Product Delivery Coach
December 2011 - October 2012, San Francisco, CA, United States
Working as a freelance Agile Coach through Incept5, I have spent over 1200 hours as an Agile Product Design Coach & Consultant – Fortune 500 Financial Services Company, Foster City CA Engaged to facilitate the collaborative establishment of measurable Global IT Delivery Improvement Outcomes (e.g. Decrease Time to Market, Increase Quality to Market, Increase Product Utility). Based on the target improvement outcomes, lead the definition and creation of a custom Agile Operating Model and Methodology Framework including establishment of team level, sprint level and program level patterns. Refine, tailor and elaborate the Leffingwell Scaled Agile Framework to support the custom Agile Operating Model & Methodology. Establish and pilot initial Agile Operating Model Competency Building Eco-system for Delivery Teams based upon the Improvement Targets established (including training curriculum, schedule, delivery, and competency assessment & measurement tools, communities of practice, informal learning forums).

Nike Inc, Agile Practice Delivery Lead
October 2008 - November 2011, Beaverton, OR, United States
Strategic owner and hands on responsibility for designing and leading the delivery of an Agile Solution Delivery competency building transformation for Nike’s global software solution delivery organization of 1,600 employees as well as hundreds of external contracted resources worldwide. Successful application of Lean philosophies, strategies and tools in identifying rapid improvement opportunities within the solution delivery value streams. Results achieved include reduction in solution delivery lead time of 10% across $35 million of the delivery portfolio delivering approximately $2 million in realized benefits. Developed Nike’s in-house Agile Solution Delivery Framework, Delivery Methodology initial competency building curriculum which incorporates classroom training, coaching & mentoring and on the job competency building strategies. Leader of agile innovation community of practice for NikeLBS During 2010 until my departure in 2011 I spent close to 3,000 hours specifically filling the roles of Scrum Master (chose to call the role Iteration Manager as well), Scrum Master Coach, Product Owner coach and Scrum Team coach. I also collaborated and led the creation of the 3-Day Classroom training course for the Nike Agile Delivery Methodology which included all the Scrum foundations as well as incorporated technical excellence practices from XP, the use of Behavior Driven Development and Acceptance Test Driven Development and User Story Mapping (from my former colleague and current friend Jeff Patton).

ThoughtWorks, Client Principal & Agile Coach
March 2005 - July 2008, San Francisco, CA, United States
This was my initial immersion into the agile community. During my time at Thoughtworks I served in several capacities with the most satisfying times spent on the ground with teams filling the role of Iteration Manager/Scrum Master or Product Owner. During this 3+ year time period I spent approximately 30% of my time in these either of these roles at 2 different clients in Bloomfield IL for a total of about 575 hours. At one of the clients I worked with 2 other colleagues as a coaching team and we successfully set up a 2 week sprint operating model for 2 teams (team sizes were 8 and 9 people each) that incorporated all the 10 basics of Scrum: Roles: Scrum Master (the client preferred the title Iteration Manager) Product Owner for each of the 2 products Team was cross functional including engineering, quality and DBA skillsets Rituals/Ceremonies: Daily Standup/Scrum End of Sprint Demos/Review End of Sprint Retrospective Sprint Planning Artifacts: Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Burndown While at the second client in Bloomfield I served as a Product Owner coach to a team and led/facilitated the creation of the Product Backlog, Sprint 0 Planning, agile Release Planning with a focus on the initial Minimum Marketable Release. I also worked with the client SMEs, Scrum Master/Iteration Manager and Team on the backlog prioritization based on business value & risk and ensured that 1.5-2 backlogs of stories met the 'Definition of Ready' the team established for the first sprint. This is the point where I disengaged to go on maternity leave.