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Kevin Shine


Senior Development manager, VitalityLife

Location: South Africa,Johannesburg


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

South Africa


I started working with scrum in 2002 as a developer on a team that was implementing scrum practices, this is when I was first introducted to TDD and pair programming. I worked as a Java developer from 2002 to 2008 using xp practices and agile. In 2008 I started working as a Java team lead for Discovery(PruProtect). Discovery used waterfall to deliver IT projects and as a technical team I decided to run work from the team level using scrum. Although all upstream work was waterfall, we still had great success and delivery dates became more predictable. As the scrum framework was working so well, we continued with this model for a few years. Eventually we had all development teams using scrum to deliver projects but found that improving past a certain point required wider company adoption. We then started running the portfolio planning in an agile fashion. Although some problems still existed it was an amazing experience to take a waterfall company and convert them to agile and scrum. 

In 2015 I left Disvoery to grow my scrum skills and joined Kaizania as a scrum master/agile coach. I am currently outsourced to CQS and assiting them with thier agile adoption. CQS is another company that was waterfall and is converting to agile and scrum.  






Work experience

Kaizania Academies, Scrum Master
July 2015 - Present, Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA
I am currently working for Kaizania Academies and outsourced to companies to assist them with their agile transformation.

VitalityLife, Development Manager / Scrum Master
February 2010 - June 2015,
I worked for vitality life as a development manager for 2 teams and also the scrum master for the company. I encouraged and assisted teams in the adoption and use of the scrum framework. The company was waterfall previously and is now using scrum in all teams. When I left, there where still elements of waterfall, but this was slowly changing as agile was being used for portfolio planning. It was very rewarding to have been instrumental in making this change happen.

PruProtect, Systems Analyst/ Java Team Lead
January 2008 - December 2009, , South Africa
My role was: *Assist the Architect in devising technical standards that complies with industry best practice *Responsible for quality assurance within the team *Conduct work sessions with the developers conveying the technical standards, best practises & techniques *Construct template solutions that can be customised by the developer as per the generic technical requirement *Document technical solutions *Responsible for conducting effective evaluations, technical feasibility studies and product application of systems within the organisation *Provide technical assistance to peers/subordinates as needed *Ensure accurate system code as per the technical design specification *Lead the team in product development *Ensure the team is delivering as expected. I used scrum to achieve most of the objectives above.

PruProtect, Senior Java Developer
June 2006 - April 2007, , South Africa
Senior Java Developer at PruProtect. Worked mostly on the finance systems.

Siemens Business Solutions, Senior Java Developer
June 2005 - May 2006, , South Africa
Senior Java Developer working for Siemens contracted to the DOL to assist internal developers on various projects as needed.

FlexTronics, Java Developer
November 2004 - April 2005, , South Africa
Employed as a java developer to work on the Ericsson website. FlexTronics is a partner company for Ericsson.

Osiris Trading, Java Developer
April 2002 - September 2004, , South Africa
I was employed as a Senior VB developer and moved over to Java shortly after joining as the company as I took a strategic decision to change technologies as the company offered both VB and JAVA programming.

Datagate Software, VB Developer
May 1999 - March 2002, , South Africa
VB Developer developing in house solutions for Datagate Software. Datagate provided mobile solutions to companies like Vodacom and MTN.

TSF/BITTS Technology, Junior VB Developer
September 1998 - August 1999,
VB 5 Developer working on multiple development projects for various clients.

Bytes Technology Group, SQL Developer
May 1998 - August 1998, , South Africa
Worked in the Business Objects Division of Bytes focusing on data-warehousing using BusinessObjects software suite and general SQL development.


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