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Kevin Fleischer


IT-Specialist, IT-Architekt, SCRUM Master, IBM Deutschland

Location: Chemnitz


Certified ScrumMaster


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Agile Saxony


Kevin Fleischer

After finishing my school education at Landkreisgymnasium Annaberg in 2001, I went studing applied informatics at Chemnitz University of Technology after 1 year of military service.

I spent lots of time exploring interesting IT topics like artificial intelligence, computer grafics and developed complex applications in my free time or during my work for AMD Student Taskforce at Chemnitz UT. This created my interest in software architecture.

I applied for a practical training at IBM Germany in 2006 where I worked closely with a project in the automotive sector. This training was extended until my hire in 2008.

Starting 2008 I was working in big and complex waterfall projects, where I could observe the typical waterfall problems. I first recognized SCRUM in mid 2011. I then read through internet ressources and watched several talks of Jeff and Ken and everything I could find regarding SCRUM. I searched for agile projects at IBM and since autumn 2011 I worked actively in 3 such projects. Those agile project followed a SCRUM like approach. I could study how diviations from SCRUM would create specific problems. This enabled me to understand the details of SCRUM and why you should start as close to the Scrum Guide as possible.

In Februar 2013 I attended the SCRUM Master certification course lead by Jeff Sutherland in Munich, which led to my SCRUM Master certification. Currently I help organizations to transition into agile management models, away from top down, big upfront design approaaches. My IT interests next to SCRUM are regarding Software Architecture, Clean Code and Testable Code.

Work experience

IBM Deutschland GBS GmbH, IT-Specialist, IT Architect
July 2013 - Present, Chemnitz, Germany
Working as a Java and Scrum Consultant in Scrum Projects. Helping the customer and his development team with my knowledge in Java, TDD and Architecture and supporting him to steadily improve the Scrum implementation. I regularly end up in projects where the Scrum Master is only a SM because he was the project manager before. Those "Scrum Masters" think about Scrum as a fashion and do not believe that Scrum works and therefore don't put much effort in it. I'm working as a Member of the development team and I use the tools Scrum gives me (like retrospectives) to steadily improve the project around me. I.e. I try to remove obstacles in the communication towards the customer, I try to implement XP practices like TDD, CI or pair programming. By beeing an active participant in the Scrum Events, I also try to motivate the other team members to participate.

IBM Deutschland EAS GmbH, IT-Specialist, IT Architect
July 2008 - June 2013, Chemnitz, Germany
Working as technical consultant for JAVA and Web technologies in several projects in the automotive and public sector. Project sizes between 3 and 60 people. Project time frames between 3 month and 2.5 years. technologies in place: Java + JEE, BPEL, JSF, JS, CSS, Spring, Eclipse RCP


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