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Jeffrey Wright



Certified ScrumMaster


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Scrum Utah


An effective project manager that is responsible for the support and implementation of clinical systems for a region consisting of nine healthcare facilities. My diverse experience over the past 15 years includes the following titles: Adjunct Professor, Airman, Clinical Information Systems (CIS)Analyst, Graduate Assistant of Photography, Project Manager, Robotic Television Camera Technician, Systems Application Analyst, and Tenured Technology Teacher. I live by the words I used to motivate my students, “keep setting goals and challenge yourself throughout your entire life.”

Work experience

Intermountain Healthcare, Clinical Information Systems Analyst / Project Manager
January 2011 - Present, Salt Lake City, UT, United States
My current responsibilities grant me the unique opportunity to gain valuable exposure to multiple healthcare IT vendors: - CA Technologies - Cadwell - Code Corporation - GE CardioLab - IHC/GE Healthcare (ECIS (Qualibria) pilot and emergency Department implementations) - McKesson - Philips Healthcare - Physio-Control - Siemens - Sigma - Volcano Corporation - Western Standard


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