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Jingjie Wang


Location: Beijing, China


Certified ScrumMaster


Articles I've written

Estimation and Self-Organization
In Scrum, we depend on the team for estimation. It is the team that estimates the efforts and time for each product backlog item; it is the team that, in the sprint planning meeting, breaks down each item into tasks and estimates efforts for each;...

Reviews and Agile
In software development, we see different types of reviews in different organizations. For example, there can be architecture review, design review, and code review, and they can occur in different phases of development. The aims of these reviews ...

Real-Time Free Testing: A New Form of Agile Testing
When we're working on software projects and following an Agile method, e.g., Scrum, our usual focus is on how we communicate with customers about the actual requirements, and how we manage (or empower) the Agile team so that deliverable software c...


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