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Justin Urbanski


Agile Coach

Location: Sydney, Australia



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Justin Urbanski

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) based in Sydney, Australia.

My experience includes over 18 years of software development, quality management and project management experience.

Ever since my first Agile conference in 2009 I have taken a keen interest in everything Agile. I successfully transitioned a company to Agile and I have coached multiple teams to a high performing level. I believe that people skills in Agile is just as important as the processes. I love reading self-help books to improve my people skills and my teams. Nothing pleases me more to see teams build the rapport that takes them to a high performing level and delivering great software products.

I recently presented at the first Scrum Australia conference in Sydney on the topic "Scrum in a highly regulated back-end environment". I have also started an Agile meet up group in the Illawarra to help grow the Agile community in the region.

Work experience

Westpac, Agile Coach
January 2016 - Present, Sydney, Australia
Scaling Agile across a program of work, focusing mainly on SAFe and lean concepts.

Rally, Solutions Architect
May 2014 - December 2015, Sydney, Australia
As a Solutions Architect I help coach Agile teams and provide solutions for continuous improvement in the Rally ALM.

ANZ, Scrum Master
November 2013 - May 2014, Sydney, NSW, AU
Working in the ANZ Market Finance group to deliver a single integrated consolidation of business processes for numerous Market Finance reporting. This includes upstream integration with multiple legacy systems and downstream integration with general ledgers.

Scrum Master for two teams in Sydney working with co-located teams in Melbourne. I am responsible for coaching and leading Agile best practices to improve my teams, other Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

- Recognised that the teams were not delivering value each sprint. I facilitated a 2 day workshop with the Product Owners to write user stories that focused on delivering value. This resulted in a transformed backlog which was more transparent and understandable to the teams and stakeholders.
- Worked closely with Chief Product Owner and Product Owners to assist with estimation techniques.
- Simplified and configured Jira for multiple teams to allow use of burndowns, velocity and release burnup. This resulted in the Product Owners using visual reports to explain Epic priority and release schedule to stakeholders.
- Worked closely with Product Owners and teams to write clear acceptance criteria to achieve better testing practices.
- Worked with senior management to explain Agile best practices to help drive the changes above. The above achievements show the positive improvements I have been able to produce in a short period of time.

MURPL, Agile Consultant
September 2013 - March 2014, , AU

MURPL maximises your people. As partner and consultant I help coach teams and organisations in:
- Scrum implementation
- Agile transitions
- Agile training
- Agile tools
- Software best practices
- Agile management, and
- ISO certification

ICTI, Board Member
November 2011 - October 2013, , Australia

The purpose of ICT Illawarra ( is to support the local ICT industry by building on our local strengths and encouraging the ongoing economic health and development of the ICT industry in the Illawarra region. 
As a board member it is my responsibility to help guide the cluster with ideas and implementing plans. I have presented lightning talks and helped to organize and run events.

CommScope, Certified Scrum Master
January 2011 - August 2013, , Australia

Scrum Master and coach for a number of teams on the Mobile Location Centre (MLC) and GeoLENs Evolved MLC projects responsible for ensuring that the Scrum process and values are being followed and ensuring my teams are as effective as possible. 

- As the Agile evangelist I helped the company transition to Scrum by organising and delivering Agile training, initiating and leading a transition team and helping with the investigation and deployment of Agile tools. This resulted in a more agile environment that enabled the entire office to deliver better software faster.
- By keeping up-to-date with Agile trends, I have coached PO's and teams to make them more effective. I regularly attend Agile meet ups and conferences. I have even started my own meet up in order to share ideas and improve as much as possible.
- As a servant leader I continually look for ways to help my teams improve. I do this by holding open spaces and retrospectives.
- Currently leading the Agile tools community of practise, ensuring the team keeps the Atlassian tools up-to-date and in good working order for all Scrum teams.
- Initiated the adoption of one-to-one’s with my team members after reading “Coaching Agile Teams” by Lyssa Adkins. I find these to be a very effective way of working with individuals to help grow the team into a high performing one.
- Reviewing resumes and behavioural interviewing for employment of new staff.
- In April 2013 I presented at the first ever Scrum Australia Conference in Sydney on the topic “Scrum in a highly regulated back-end environment”.
- In October 2012 I started Agile Illawarra (, a meet up group for Agile enthusiasts in the Illawarra region.
- In September 2011 I presented to Engineering students at the University of Wollongong on the topic “Introduction to Agile and Scrum”.

CommScope, Software Development Manager
May 2008 - March 2011, , Australia

- In this role I managed a team of 6 developers and 3 testers to develop a new location platform in Java. After some external consultation, attendance at an Agile conference and research I decided that the team would benefit from Agile. Whilst we were not completely Agile, I implemented a number of Scrum practices and defined the processes around the practices. The team used Basecamp as its project management tool.
- Project Manager for delivery of features for the Mobile Location Services product. Managing a team of up to 14 developers I was responsible for ensuring multiple features were delivered on schedule with high quality into multiple major releases.
- Responsible for setting up an Outsourcing team in Vietnam. The OS team was used to design and develop features in parallel with the local team due to high demand. Initially I was involved in training the team. I was also responsible for integrating the OS team with the local team.
- On top of being responsible for the technical aspects of software development, I was also responsible for individual career development and performance reviews.

Articles I've written

Five Stages of Agile Realization
Can you remember when you first found out about Agile? How did you feel? What emotions did you go through?

When Is It Time to Redo Your Backlog?
It's not ideal, but sometimes it's reality: You look at your backlog and it's a mess. You don't know who's doing what and what is happening when. What should you do about it -- clean it up or start over? I recently observed this problem, and this is what we decided to do. . . .


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