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José Roberto Sánchez Calderón


Agile SM, Honeywell

Location: SLP, Mexico


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



My name is Roberto Sanchez, a passionate Engineer with experience in managing projects. Strong ini­tiative and excellent collaboration skills. Devoted to delivering high quality projects often exceeding customer requirements. Accustomed to performing in deadline-driven environments with minimum supervision. Good International experience, he is Mexican but currently living in Brazil, taking advantage of his experience to developed products that make richer the Windows Phone platform.

Roberto is enthusiastic use of agile methodologies for product development. I suffered little bit with waterfall time ago (who never, right?) until was introduced to Scrum, which joined immediately. At the begging of my career when I work at Nokia, I looked a way to support me and help me to track, monitoring and made more productive my work that is where I met scrum. At the beginning was quite difficult, because nobody had the experience in Agile, at the end I embrace the agility as a part in my life and always try to use for any project from my personal to my professional live. Now I have some years of experience, working in INdT (the old Institute Nokia of Technology, now part of Microsoft research and development), I am Agile Manager, always looking to improve my techniques to manage projects, I got participated as a Scrum Master and as a Product Owner, but personally I like more to be involved in the products strategy like a Product Owner, my last project was Claromusica, a product that is launched in 17 countries of Latin America.

I am studying MBA in Project Management at FGV (Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Brazil), and why project management? is because I believe that this kind of MBA gives you the foundation for Project Management. After receiving that, you can better understand the different methodologies available and use what works best for your organization. Agile, Scrum, Prince2, Waterfall, Method 123 or strictly PMBOK; the project management profession has evolved so much over the years and expect it to continue evolving as organizations determine what better fits their needs, I also believe support to improve the performance of my techniques.

Roberto loves the cars, to drive and feel the power of the engine. The custom cars are my favorites, I always try to make faster my car, :D. I love my family, I believe are the more important in my live, I try to be close, support and help them. Not married but right now I looking for :P.

Work experience

INDT, Agile Manager
June 2012 - September 2015, Manaus, Amazonas, BR
As Agile Manager I need to guide team as Product Owner or Scrum Master to delivery project with good quality, time, communication, management: • Understand the customer needs for planning projects, including the scope, time and resources according to the Customer Policies requirements working directly with Nokia, America Móvil, Telefonica, Microsoft, Seagate. • Control and Monitor the projects until these have a successful conclusion always considering the Minimum Valuable Product of the customer, constantly managing the stakeholders and the team, using agile methodologies and leadership. • Effective communication and knowledge transferring for future projects. • Delivery of key products for Microsoft using also Usability tests. Goals in the Job • Conclude target projects with a good quality and time (over the target) such as Claromusica, NFCE, Azteca, among other projects, obtaining feedback over the target from the customer, • Projects as planned or with 10-20% less of the planned, considering the resources and project scope. Managing a team of 6 - 12 people. • Deep learned of LATAM Mobile Operators requirements for new services, especially America Móvil, promoting to proposing more products according the user and customer needs. • Improve relationship with customers/stakeholders (Internal and External).

Nokia, Customer Diferentation
March 2010 - May 2012, Mexico Cuty, Mexico City, MX
I was Account Partner for America Movil team inside Nokia, some of my functions were: • Effective communication with customer for a better understanding, knowledge and implementation of the Policy requirements according of their strategy, • Coordination and planning of the variants (Country version of SW) for Nokia devices leading the implementation of what was negotiated with the Nokia key Small and Mega Operators in Latin America and Europe. • Working closely with marketing, product and branding managers. • Collaboration with projects in INdT, Apps for Operators, field tests. Goals in this job • Increase the customization from 20% to 70%, according to their Policy. • Presentation to Government and Journal entities of some Nokia services. • Reducing delivery time of products by 25%. • Best customization of offers for the client. • Maintaining good relationships with 3rd party Companies (Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Syncronica, America Movil, etc).


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