Joanne Perold
Agile Coach at agile42.
Johannesburg, South Africa


Joanne Perold

I am passionate about helping teams and people grow and improve, I enjoy helping teams and organizations implement and improve their agile practices.

I am a graduate of Jerry Weinberg, Esther Derby and Johanna Rothman's PSL (Problem solving leadership) and I have worked for more than a decade in the software industry in all areas of software development. I am interested in both people and process improvement and continuously learning and finding better ways to solve problems.

I have worked as a product owner, scrum master and team member. I have worked with different types and sizes of teams, some starting out their Agile journey and somehaving been on that path for long. I have learned from these teams and helped them learn from me.

I love what I do and I like to have fun while working. Outside of all of this I enjoy reading, good food, good wine and the occasional good whiskey. 

Joanne Perold


Work Experience

Scrum Sense, Agile Coach
2014-02-01 - Present, , , South Africa
I am currently an Agile coach. Supporting and helping teams to implement Scrum and other Agile practices. I also coach them on where they are going wrong or what can help them be better.
DSTV Online, Scrum Master
2011-09-08 - 2014-01-31, , , South Africa
I was a Scrum Master for multiple teams. As a scrum master I facilitated meetings, encouraged opportunities for change. Helped teams improve. Observed what was happening in teams, and provided feedback to individuals and teams as a whole. I also initiated organisational changes and helped to coach and train Scrum Teams.
Educos Vision Services, Product Owner, Team Member, Team lead
2003-09-01 - 2011-08-31, , , South Africa
As a Product Owner I helped to drive and prioritise the product backlog. I created user stories, wrote acceptance criteria, met with clients, and supported developers by answering questions. As a developer, I implement stories, fixed bugs and supported clients. As a Scrum master I facilitated meetings and tried to drive organisational change. I helped teams begin to own their processes.