Jean-Luc Maze


Founder, Conseil & MOI

Location: Breuillet, France


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Jean-Luc MAZE (Founder at Conseil & MOI) 

. 30 years experience in IT ecosystem 
. Coaching / Training in Project Management (Agile or not) and IT Methodologies (CMMI, TMMI, ITIL, IT RISK-...)
. Conceptor / Distributor of "Project Hills" a tool for collaborative project management based on MS Sharepoint's plateform
. My philosophy is to conjugate the verb To Be than the verb To Have

Work experience

GIE PH7, Agile Coach
December 2013 - Present, Bordeaux, France

The goals of this project are to boost the capacity of an development team to be more efficient during an strategic release of a new version of their product.

The team works on a professional tool for manage payroll of many hospitals in France.

During the next 3 month of my mission, I will work with the Product Owner and the Scrum Master to redefine their Scrum's implementaion.

Training on Scrum FrameWork, Scrum developper's mindset, Object orriented design,... are programed for 10 peoples

Conseil et MOI, Trainer
May 2009 - Present, Breuillet, ---, France

I make training on IT framework like PMI, Prince2, Itil, Scrum, eXtrem Programming, Lean... or on Project Management's Tools like MS Project, Redmine...

My courses are sold by french major training companies : AgilBee, Egilia, Valtech, Xerox, Orsys, Nextformation, M2I,...  to their customers or directely to my customers

PAD - Partners and Alliance Development, Product Owner
July 2013 - January 2014, Versailles, France

The goals of this project was to rewrite an existing complex excel tool for enforce new ergonomic and
graphic chart.
We use Lean-Startup methodology for product management approch and Scrum framework for
delivering the product.
This project is still live for next 4 months.
My principal role was to :
- capture the sponsor's vision
- build the product backlog by specifing the high level requirements and translate them into User Story
- collaborate with the development team (4 peoples) for sizing of each US and build the global roadmap
and the first release plan (release 1 planed for Q1 2014)
- collaborate with the team during each iteration for question / answer and validate their works
I had also teached Scrum to the team and explain how Agile works to top management at the start of the

QSPIN / UCM, Agile Coach
May 2013 - October 2013, Wierde, Namur, Belgium

My role was to design, document and teach the way to integrate an Agile approche Scrum, into an
waterfall project environnement designed on Prince2.
I had to respond to an steering committee : initialize, plan, control and close the project
I execute this activity :
- requirement gathering from management
- design of interfaces process between Prince 2 and Scrum (based on definition of done and ready)
- design of training materiels
- realisation of training for 60 people

QSPIN / Formatech, Agile Coach
November 2012 - April 2013, Brussell, Walonie, Belgium

The goals of this project was to boost the capacity of an scrum team to be more efficient despite the
number of people in the team (more than 15).
The team works on a professional tool for manage payroll of many firms in Belgium.
During the 3 month of my mission, I work with the Product Owner and the Scrum Master to redefine
their Scrum's implementaion.
The Scrum majors changes were :
- implement and share a robust definition of ready and done with PO
- stop to affect people on User Story during planing meeting by the Scrum Master
- split the team on 2 sub-team working on the same product but on separate sprint backlog
- change the daily standup ritual for dynamizing it
- ...
Changes has been progressively implemented and at each end of month we had an openspace
retrospective with team, PO, SM, managers and some customers to mesure progess and define goals
assigned to next iteration
The team has decided to take some eXtreme Programing tools like :
- Continus Intégration
- Collective ownership on code
- Pair reviewing
I hope it will have a new step of progres next year.

QSPIN / UCM, Mentor in Agile Testing Strategy
January 2012 - July 2012, Wierd, Namur, Belgium

My role was to design, document teach and lead differents teams (Business Analyst, developer, QA,...)
for integrate an testing approch compliant with TMMi framework in their Scrum Process 
I had to respond to an steering committee : initialize, plan, control and close the project
I execute :
- requirement gathering from team
- design templates for testing at level : System, User Acceptance , No Regression / Integration Unit
- design the process for planing, doing and reporting the test plan
- design of training materiels
- training for 80 people
- manage 1 people

W4, Product Owner
May 2011 - December 2011, Rungis, Ile de France, France

During this project, my role was to design the Agile Project Management tool which was integrated in a
professional development plateform based on MDD (Model Driven Development) and after to drive the
development team.
I done two type of activity :
- Coaching for the whole of W4's teams
- Product Ownership on the tool
Activity of Coaching :
- Training for more than 30 peoples on what Agility is and isn't
- Teaching Scrum for team affected to this project (1 Scrum-Master and 3 developers
- Faciliting Sprint-Review by introducing some aspect of Scrum framework during each two weeks for
Activity of Product-Ownership :
- Building Product Backlog (150 US) and Release Plan (3 releases)
- Dealing with the team for establish the priority of each Story based on size (complexity via planing
poker) and value (Business value based on MoSCoW approche)
- Assisting the developer's team during sprints (Q&A, Acceptance Testing,...)
- Writing the user's guide "Agility for a good guy"
- Colaborate with the Scrum Master and the Marketing Stakeholders

GFI / Pages Jaunes, Scrum-Master
September 2010 - May 2011, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

This is a strategic project : in less than six months, build the new commercial tool for all the salesmen
(>750) of a french web agency on digital marketing : Pages Jaunes). A Scrum approach was choose for
driving the project.
My role as a Scrum Master was :
- Assist the Product-Owner (PO) during Sprint 0 (1 month) for building the Product Backlog (more than
300 stories) by teaching him the best pratices (Story telling, Story mapping,...)
- Help the PO and the developpement team (8 peoples) during estimating, priorizing and planing the
releases (3 releases)
- Accompany the team (PO and Dev) during the 13 sprints to allow them to become more mature on self
organization, quality of work, predictivity of velocity, commitment, ...
- Facilitate all the Scrum rituals and more especially the sprint retrospectives
- Work with the other Pages Jaunes's Scrum Master for expand and optimize the agile practices
My role as a Project Manager (this project was conduct in a fixed price contract) :
- Establishing KPI (progress, budget, quality,...) each month
- co-animating the steering committee