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Jon Jorgensen
Agile Coach & Trainer at Needle Hop, Inc..
Mission Viejo, CA


I facilitate discovery, learning and transformation at any scale, from the individual to the enterprise. I am an Executive and Team Performance Coach serving IT project professionals who are up against impossible odds. I help them unlock their greatness by executing game-changer plays for endless winning streaks in the enterprise arena. When fear, confusion, frustration or disengagement are present in a large organization, I hold space for the culture to transform beyond it, with fitting business results. Working in Japan for 17 years, and on projects for more than 20, I have adopted a lean thinking, systems approach to life, wherein I have a profound respect for people and their boundless potential. I love LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Applied Improv and playing Agile Games. My guilty pleasure is Star Wars and Americanized sushi. In my spare time, I help high school kids pursue their career goals ( on a volunteer basis, and professionally as a Certified College Consultant with the Heartland Institute of Financial Education. ( I am the 5th person ever to become designated by the Scrum Alliance as a Certified Team Coach. I am working with clients who are household name brands in financial services, aerospace, heavy industry, database products, entertainment and data storage. I am also a co-founder of the Agile Coffee podcasts and Agile Coach Camp US West.
I invite you to connect with me via. any of the following channels: @waterscrumban