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Jan De Baere


organisational agent, Cegeka

Location: Brussels, Belgium

+32 495 297 265


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified Scrum Product Owner



More then 10 years ago my company made the trasition towards being an Agile company.  (We didn't call it Agile though).  Seeing te value of it I changed my career of IT project manager towards change manager with as mission to make companies/departments/people more effective.  It's only a couple of years back (2008) that I discovered Agile and scrum.  It was an instand hit for me, Agile has the values I stand for and provides a very simple and practical framework to apply them.  But maybe most of all the design of Scrum is so that it drives people towards agility! My first use was in business projects, so no software development.  Currently I'm helping companies to scale scrum.  How to organize when you have 10, 20, 50 or more teams?

Work experience

Cegeka, Agile coach/program manager
December 2013 - Present, Brussels, Belgium

Electrabel , scrum coach
April 2010 - December 2010, Brussels, United States
The project goal was to deliver SAP reports. By April 2010 the first part of the project was delivered the classical way but it had cost a lot more effort than estimated. It was the usual story: business said IT did not deliver and IT said business could not specify what they needed… In other words it was a constant battle. Both project managers from business and IT where replaced and scrum was used instead of a waterfall approach. The new project was a success, the project ended in time & budget and both business and IT where pleased with the collaboration and result.

Feedback from:

SM: the classical way it would have been virtually impossible to realize this project.

SM:“The result is a solution of high quality.

PO: PMG Agile allowed us to work very close together with IT and to see results very soon. This way we learned a lot during the project and above all we were able to use that knowledge to create a more valuable end result.

Axen, Agile coach
December 2008 - September 2010, Brussels, Belgium

Alignment of all corporate projects and activities of Axen. prioritisation and follow up . (NON development)


Limited knowledge of Axen strategy by different departments.

Internal projects only managed on department level.


- No priorisation of projects on Axen level based on Axen strategy

- No common knowledge of Axen strategy within departments


Set up service Corporate Governance that assures that:

- All projects are in line with Axen strategy.

- Management of effort (budget & resources) by department is done in collaboration, on Axen level and in line with Axen strategy

Benefits for Axen:

- The vision & strategy is diffused to and delivered by the services.

- Increased responsibility of the governance members towards the vision/strategy of Axen.

- Cross departmental collaboration and sharing of information between departments will increase.

Electrabel, scrum coach
November 2009 - April 2010, Brussels, United States
Digidoc (Development).

The trigger to start this project was a law suit that was lost due to a registered letter that got lost in the internal organization. The objective of the project was to scan and electronicaly send the registered letters.The project ended the date as initially foreseen and within the initial budget. There was a gain of one month of time when compared to traditional approach. No direct gain in money however as the same amount of work was just done faster. The biggest advantage was that the value that was created was a lot higher as foreseen. The project was planned to have two phases, first one with the basics and a second one to enhance this. After the first phase – this project - it was decided that the second phase was not necessary anymore. Remarkable was that about 40% of the initial requirements where dropped during the project and were being replaced by more added value functionality.

Electrabel, scrum master
May 2009 - September 2009, Brussels, United States
Scrum @ Electrabel(on average we have 70 projects running simultaneously) (NON development)

Electrabel had a waterfall project management method and they wanted to install scrum as an alternative method. In order to make scrum an official method at Electrabel we started a workgroup. As there is a major impact on business side I insisted that also business was represented in this core team.

We used scrum (scrum of scrum actually as we had weekly meetings with the core team and the actual work was done in subgroups) in order to implement scrum. This was a great way to let the workgroup taste the value(s) (in more than one sence ;-) of scrum.

Feedback of my manager – who was part of the core team – was that we implemented scrum much faster than the last method they implemented company wide. Besides de speed he valued the transparency and the way estimations (we used planning poker) where done.

Electrabel, scrum master
January 2009 - March 2009, Brussels, 1000, United States
Falcon is a new tool to support service delivery within Electrabel. A team of 4 people was hired to create elearnings for Falcon. As we were hired to late and the application was still under development we needed a fast and flexible organization of the team. Seen the circumstances I proposed scrum. We were able to deliver before the deadline and with a higher quality as was expected from the client.


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