Jan Beaver
Certified Scrum Trainer at Greyrock Agile, Inc.
Fort Collins, CO


Jan Beaver started out in the software industry – or “high-tech” as it was then called – over 30 years ago. His experience runs the gamut of management, coding in many languages and on many platforms, QA, and technical writing. Jan has worked in many different Agile environments over the years. The first one featured daily problem solving and everyone in the company running nightly scripted testing on daily builds. That was in 1987, long before Scrum or the Agile Manifesto came into being.

These days, Jan is a Certified Scrum Trainer® and deeply experienced Agile coach who has worked with a wide variety of companies in an equally wide variety of industries including telecommunications, medical, insurance, financial, media, utilities, and smart-grid energy. Jan’s focus is on Scrum Alliance certified training, which is a great fit since teaching is deeply rooted in his DNA. You see, while engaged in all that coding and testing, Jan also pursued (and completed!) his PhD in history. Along the way he spent four years riding herd on large classes of freshmen taking Western Civilization or similar introductory courses.

The serious study of history provides an in-depth exercise in systems thinking. Seeing the whole, or at least seeking to do so, has become second nature. Understanding complex interactions within and between systems is the focus of much of his work. His current area of interest is the social interactions that occur within complex adaptive systems -- like Scrum teams -- and how to enable true self-organization to achieve innovative solutions to the problems inherent in new product development.

Jan recently brought his passion for teams and teamwork to bear a completely revised and expanded content-rich volume, The Agile Team Handbook, Second Edition (http://www.amazon.com/Agile-Team-Handbook-2nd-Putting/dp/1973714337). Applying Agile values and principles through Scrum practices provides teams and organizations with a roadmap for success in today's challenging business environment. The Agile Team Handbook is a practical, hands-on guide to building great teams.