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Guido Vilariño


Technology Crafter, Three Melons

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Certified ScrumMaster



Guido Vilariño is an enthusiastic person who loves being involved in the creation and development phases of any challenging endeavor and helping solve any problem that should arise in its path. Since most of the issues that come up in a work team have to do with people, culture and communication instead of technical stuff, Guido believes that the key to forming a happy and smooth-working team lies in the ability to help everyone understand each other in polite terms.

Guido is finishing his studies as an Information Systems Engineer at UTN - FRBA, in Buenos Aires, working as a Professor's Aid in the Programming Paradigms course in the same university.

Guido is  currently working at videogame development company called Three Melons as a technology developer and scrum master. He has worked with several technologies and platforms, including Java, Adobe Flex, C#.Net, and many others, mainly concentrateing in RAD and RIAs.




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