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Guru Datta Venkatarama


Technical Project Manager, Unemployed

Location: California, USA


Certified ScrumMaster




A  Sr. Technical Program/Project manager role with a dynamic organization seeking  efficient  process and execution, technical leadership, innovation and excellent relationships management.


Sr. Project (Program) Manager 10+ years Ÿ Handling enterprise strength projects from concept to execution and beyond.  Ÿ  Project Planning and Project Analysis Ÿ Enterprise cross-functional team collaboration Ÿ  Structured Systems Analysis & Development - experience 10+ years. Ÿ  Skilled at building effective and productive relationships with  sponsors/ enterprise clients/ partners/ vendors.  Ÿ  Experienced in project planning strategy.  Ÿ  Active metrics tracking, risk management, problem solving, change management and reporting.  Ÿ  Excellent communication, presentation, and writing skills.  Ÿ  Knowledge transfer / Mentoring  Ÿ Stakeholder/Upward management Ÿ SDLC practitioner in a variety of process methods.  Ÿ  CSM certified.  Ÿ  ACP  trained  Ÿ  Have worked with  FORTUNE  companies - Microsoft &  Siemens.A.G.  Ÿ  Cross cultural sensitivity - USA, Europe & India.  Ÿ



Ÿ Funding research at the top talent engineering research schools in the Indian subcontinent.

Microsoft Research desired to establish relationships with the top level research  schools in India . Partnered with the deans & technocrats to enhance research policy and funding. Funded scholarships, grants, RFP and computer labs. Met with Mr. Bill Gates after annual summit (2003) to review direction and obtain counsel.

Ÿ Unified the SDLC process/cultures following massive acquisition.

Project Manager to the mega merger of Microsoft with Great Plains & Navision. Designed and put into place, end to end processes (SDLC), artifacts, reporting, metrics and worked on change management, conflict resolution and negotiation. Involved all the product teams that were in Redmond, Findlay, Fargo, Vedbæk - Copenhagen (32+ product teams) using a spiral model.

Ÿ Developed the first “blind credit” system for real-time real-estate underwriting platforms.

Microsoft was developing a Real Estate/Loans platform for lenders to offer financial products in real time. Worked with lending partners Chase Manhattan, GMAC-RFC, Freddie-Mac and credit bureaus - Trans Union and Equifax on innovative technology and partnering.  Lead the architecture and design of novel online credit features to avoid FICO score impact to the user.

Ÿ Design and development of  the first Microsoft’s ubiquitous 30-day activation feature.

Microsoft needed a Global Product Licensing program at the turn of the century. Built enterprise strength end-user digital rights (subscription licensing) technology. Managed end-to-end delivery, SDLC process, design, cross team relationships (MS-Office), implementation & reporting.

Ÿ Created Microsoft's Step by Step Interactive training in many languages

Delivered an interactive training engine and produced content for many titles. Managed distributed development/content teams, outsourcing to India etc., while coordinating with most of the team in Florida - Gainesville. Release was simultaneous with Office 9 in  more than 12 languages.



SIEMENS A.G. - Munich

Ÿ Turnkey Design and Setup of Multimedia application-authoring lab  for Siemens AP-35 Munich.

Tasked with design and implementation of an Interactive Multimedia Authoring lab including digital Motion Video by the steering committee  of Siemens AP-35. Sourced the hardware worldwide. Integrated this project in Santa Clara and delivered from scratch within 1 year. Designed the custom firmware in Sausalito. Trained the 40+ team in process methodology guided by the rigorous Siemens Process Engineering Handbook.                                           

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