Glenn Smith


Agile Coach, Tootechnical Ltd

Location: Swindon, United Kingdom


Certified ScrumMaster

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Bath Scrum User Group


Glenn Smith attended event, "Paris: 2013"

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Glenn Smith: My first exsposure of Scrum was truely when I was a Software Development Manager. I was continually frustrated how churn was costing my team so much effort and I thought there must be a better way; it turned out there was. Since then I have been pastionate about Scrum and how agile methods can make dramatic impact to software teams but also how the same priniciples can be used in a non-software world.

I had the great opportunity to lead the roll out of Agile in the Motorola Networks GSM Engineering business. While the change management was the main activity, this did include me coaching scrum teams and running Scrum Overview training sessions. Through this process I also learnt about the powerful advantages of Visual Facilitation and how this can improve the effectiveness of meetings.

Since then I have worked with organisations to provide services to help them roll out Agile, often Scrum in their business. I have done this either as a Scrum Master (I am a CSM) or now more often as an Agile Coach. I do this either directly under my own company, Tootechnical Ltd, or as an associate with trusted organisations like Agilify and Ripple Rock. I have a passion for coaching and facilitation and love seeing teams improve.

Work experience

Tootechnical Ltd, Agile Coach and Facilitator
March 2013 - Present, Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
I operate Tootechnical Ltd, where I help organisations improve their bottom line of R&D spend by using Agile methods, Coaching and Facilitation. In addition, Tootechnical Ltd, provides services as an Associate to trusted companies like Agilify and Ripple Rock.

Alcatel Lucent, Scrum Master
December 2011 - February 2013, Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Scrum Master and Agile Coach role working with the Small Cells R&D teams helping them introduce Scrum as the new method of product development. Building internal capacity for when I leave.

Motorola Solutions, Software Program PM
January 2011 - November 2011, Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Rolled out successfully Agile process in the GSM Engineering teams across UK and China. Lead the change management activity, taught Scrum overview course, coached Scrum Masters, and acted as a Scrum Master.