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Gaurav Rastogi


Project manager, Fidelity Investments Limited

Location: Gurgaon, India



Experience in coaching fellow Scrum MastersGaurav rastogi is an IT professional for 13.5 years and have worked in Transportation, Reatil & e-Commerce, Investment Banking clients

Worked across United states, UK and Asia India. 
Worked as a SCRUM Master and Possess an Agile mindset

Certified Scrum Professional(CSP)
Certified Scrum Master(CSM)
Certified ScrumProduct Owner(CSPO)
Expertise in Agile-Scrum implementation
Expertise in Kanban and Scrumban implementation
Expertise in planning and holding Scrum meetings ensuring the Sprint objectives are met
Adept in working with management and other Agile Project Leaders to continually improve agile processes and cultivate agile culture
Adept in transforming team to become Self Organize
Expertise in organizing product backlog items into appropriate releases or priority groups
Expertise in tracking burndown, velocity and other agile metrics 
Expertise in facilitating Agile Workshops and various Innovation games 
Adept in conflict management and conflict resolution
Speaker @ Discuss Agile Conference Delhi 2015
Written Articles on AGile Transformation
Agile Motivational Speaker
Tranied 100+ Professional on SCRUM while working with Organizations

Work experience

FIL, Agile Coach & Trainer
March 2013 - Present, Gurgaon, Haryana, IN
Key Role I have is to do below for Scrum Team, Scrum Master's and PO 1. Supply - Knowledge & Information 2. Train - Teach SCRUM 3. Motivate - Motivate to Follow SCRUM Working with the Multiple Dev teams to help them transform from waterfall to Agile SCRUM process. Helping Teams to become Self Organising Helping Scrum Masters to master in 3 P's of their role Work with Senior Management to Provide Progress on Transformation. Define Key Metrics

Infosys Ltd, CSM
November 2003 - February 2013, Jaipur, Rajasthan
I was wokring for a client a high end fashion retailer in US of Infosys to help them transform their mode of operation from waterfall to Agile. It was a large program of about 12 SCRUM teams where intitially i was a working as a SCRUM master of a team and then graduated to SCRUM Process anchor role for 3 Teams. The team was developing a e-commerce website and below are few things which make this experience/project unique: 1. This whole program of 12 teams started one single day all together and there was no ramp up time involved. 2. The whole SCRUM teams were not co-located infact the teams were at 4 different locations including onsite. 3. The avg years of experience per team was 2 Years. 4. The release cycle was 3 weeks. 5. Integration Testing team was completely at a different location than dev team's location.

Articles I've written

"Why" Is More Important than "How"
Working with companies implementing Agile, I have seen that most of the time management is more concerned about how to implement Scrum than why to implement Scrum.

Capturing Business Value Delivered by Scrum Teams
As part of my job working with different teams, the biggest challenge I see is how the team's work can be measured in terms of business value delivered. . . .


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