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Graham McDonald


Senior Designer Developer, Intelligence4 GmbH

Location: Zürich, Switzerland



Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

SwissICT Lean Agile Scrum Group


Graham J McDonald
UX/UI Designer, Software Engineer, Architect, Consultant. CSM, PSD

I work mainly as a designer/developer in the UX/UI domain using the Microsoft stack. Blend, Silverlight, WPF, Windows 8 Metro. I have over 25 years of IT experience in design and development roles for major global players in finance, industry, adverising, miltary and government - over three years working in Scrum teams. I am based in Switzerland. I currently hold both Certified Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Developer (PSD 1) status.

As well as being a CSM/PSD I have studied Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology in Sport.

I blog rather infrequently at about things that interest me as well as the experience I have gained for my work and contact with others.

Work experience

Defence Industry, Senior UX/UI Designer Developer (Freelance)
February 2012 - Present, Bern, Switzerland
Senior UX/UI Designer Developer (Freelance). Using Scrum in UI/UX Design as well as Development processes at this project.

Insurance, Developer
January 2010 - May 2013, Zürich, Switzerland
.Net Developers

Government, UI Software Developer (Freelancer)
June 2011 - February 2012, , Switzerland
UI Software Developer (Freelancer). Scrum developer specialising in GUI development in Silverlight.

Pharmaceuticals, UI Designer Developer
February 2010 - April 2011, , Switzerland
Freelance Scrum UI Designer/Developer on large automated medical diagnostics machine.

Computer, Developer
September 2009 - December 2009, Zürich, Switzerland
Freelance .Net developer

Hedge Fund, Developer
April 2008 - November 2008, , Switzerland
First ever Scrum project. Was freelance .Net developer using C#.


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