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Gonzalo José Apaza Escobedo



Location: LIMA


Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster



I currently work as an architect and director of the company GSOFT implementing BPM / SOA solutions and integrating services on highly complex models and different technology. I like to get involved with customers in advising and definition of various initiatives for innovation and value transformation using an agnostic approach, which subsequently can generate a business solution under appropriate specific technology. I always liked the world of programming, I started to teach C ++ and Borland Pascal in 1995, thanks to a grant from Microsoft for the first program of .Net certifications could come to Lima and stay as official instructor courses MS, work as a programmer, senior consultant, team leader, division manager and service manager managing teams of 80 people and working closely with major customers. “I have always believed that the best way to learn is to teach and the best way to lead is to do what the team needs to break its own paradigms and themselves to find the best way to achieve your goals overcome.”

Work experience

February 2015 - Present, LIMA, LIMA, Peru
Management and administration of professional services company. Vertical definition and implementation of HR management products, documentary management and process control and compliance activities. Functional technical architect in the process of migrating Radius ERP (.NET) Consultancy and advice on the adoption of BPM methodology for developing strategic business processes of government. Coaching for the implementation of a migration project of the core systems (.NET) under Agile SCRUM Masters training for the team of regional solutions. SCRUM training for the team of analysts, developers and project managers. Consulting in enterprise architecture using TOGAF9.1

August 2006 - February 2015, LIMA, LIMA, Peru
Services Manager • Definition of products and supply lines in the area. • Define and develop processes Pre-sale of different products from the detection area the opportunity to support the proposal. • Prepare annual budgets, goals and quantitative and qualitative objectives aligned with the regional model of the Group. • Analyze costs and considering projected staff costs, direct costs and the regional distribution model area. • Management and resource management at the level of skills, roles and career paths. • Analysis of skills and defining areas for improvement in the implementation and delivery of services. • Adopt a team approach, working with others in the pursuit of common objectives. • Develop an analysis of the situation of your company, including its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for help in developing a strategic plan for the area's future. • Develop an analysis of the situation of your company, including its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for help in developing a strategic plan for the future of the division. • Monitor and manage overall performance of staff in the area. • Analyze, report, make recommendations and develop strategies for improving the quality of service delivery. • Recruitment, career development, succession planning and training. • The development of models of compensation and achievement by staff objectives. Architect / Chief of business solutions • Abstracts the complexity of a system into a manageable model that describes the essence of a system by exposing important details and significant constraints • Maintains control over the architecture lifecycle parallel to the project’s software development lifecycle • Stays on course in line with the long term vision • Works closely with executives to explain the benefits and justify the investment in software architecture of a solution • progressively makes critical decisions that define a specific direction for a system in terms of implementation, operations, and maintenance • Sets quantifiable objectives that encapsulate quality attributes of a system SENIOR DEVELOPER • Assess and train the team • Analysis and design of new logic of some new component • Design of the engineering specifications of each service • Validation of some technical change of the services • Elaboration and validation of the RET (Engineering specifications) Validation of some functional change of the services • Validation and elaboration of Flow charts/Sequence/Been • Validation of the construction and development of the services • Release administering / Control • Server Administration (Development / Testing ) • Resolution and support to the serious problems in server of Production Development and construction of the services. • Elaboration of the cases of unitary tests of each service • Modification or correction of some error during the stage of tests • Execution and control of unitary and integral tests • Changes and validation in the code or logic of Programming • Update documents and engineering specifications • Validation of the Functional definitions of the services


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