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Freek Mulders



Certified ScrumMaster



Freek Mulders, As a student my interests were focused on Agile development and Lean processes. Now, 2 years later I can call myself a Certified SCRUM Master, and that will not be the end of it. As a competitive person I am always looking for ways to improve my own skills, both in my professional career as my personal life. The beauty about SCRUM, I think, is the continuous team/process improvement to get the maximum team synergy. This synergy allows the team to get the maximum out of themselves and do great things. Besides my competitive drive I really have a people and process focus. In my way of handling with people I will always try to be respectful and honest. As a member of a Business Intelligence Competence Center my focus is the customer, where can we deliver our value and how can we help the customer in continue finding its bottlenecks.

Work experience

NS Poort, BI Developer/Consultant
August 2010 - Present, Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
As a BI developer/consultant I implemented the SCRUM method as the development process. From that day forward the scrum master for a team of 9!


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