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Falk Kuehnel
Agile Coach at Paragraph Eins GbR.
Cologne, Germany


Falk Kühnel

I am an agile enthusiast in pursuit of happiness, awesome work environments and employee centered companies that make good profit.

Born in 1973; tried out physics, mathematics; then became a media designer in 98. Since 2001 computer scientist and XP affected. I had a teacher at university, who already brought us in touch with extreme programming. I didn’t know for a long time, that not everyone learns about that at the university.

I have been a freelancer since 1999, always keeping a look at agile methodologies, the agile mindset and scrum, which i never have seriously seen implemented anywhere. But i have heard lots of nice stories of companies, that had done it. Just not anywhere close to me. I finally gave up my fabulous freelancing job in 2011, when a friend of mine honestly tried to implement scrum in a company. I wanted to see all the theory go into action.

After being a developer in a scrum team for a while and being an agile divider and agitator in the company, i also picked up the scrum master role in 2013. I only found out how good those teams were, when i started seeing, what other companies believe is scrum and when all the innovative things talked about at conferences had already been implemented with our teams.

Since 2014 i am teaching scrum and agile leadership with my partner Alex. We help companies to implement scrum through all layers of the organisation. I have to tell you, i really like it. But i still need to do development every now and then. :)