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Edwin Witt


IT Consultant, 8 2 Management



Certified ScrumMaster



After receiving his degree in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence in 1997 Edwin Witt carried out diverse testing functions in software development projects. In 2000 he joined KPMG as a project manager, and in this function he led diverse ICT projects within KPMG. In 2002 he joined GEN, taking responsibility for release management and product management of the software package GEN eBase3. He oversaw several restructuring projects within this organisation, first in the testing team and later in the entire software development team. In 2005 he was interim manager of the database administration department of Allianz Nederland for 6 months. After a short contract as test co-ordinator for Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer he continued as team manager at the Gemeentelijke Belastingdienst Den Haag where he was responsible for leading numerous web development projects.


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