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Dale Thompson


Program Manager, ViaSat, Inc.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO / USA


Certified ScrumMaster



Dale Thompson's over 20-year career is rooted in delivering transformational solutions for businesses and IT groups across a diverse set of industries as an employee and consultant. He has extensive experience in facilitating clear communication and value-adding collaboration while defining and implementing new business and IT processes, selecting and implementing information technology products, and developing and delivering software solutions that more often meets customer needs. He has extensive experience in discovering, evolving, and managing business and technical requirements as a software developer, IT audit manager, project manager, and Process and Product Owner knowledgeable in Agile software development, Lean processes,  and business process transformation. Dale's commitment in helping companies and customers work together creatively and efficiently to achieve transformational business goals led him to embrace Agile and Lean practices. As a process owner, he has implemented software and product and project management best practices including OOA / OOD at a Fortune 100 company, Agile practices for software engineering (custom and SaaS solutions), and CMM/CMMI and PMBOK processes at a leading consulting company serving the government and commercial marketplaces. Dale is a Certified ScrumMaster and a trained facilitator (JAD, software engineering, business process transformation), and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Information Systems) from Auburn University.











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