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Deepak Srinivasan


Technical Director, SRA International, Inc

Location: Germantown. MD



Deepak Srinivasan

I am a consummate software professional. I want to deliver the best product possible using whatever tools and techniques it takes. I have a M.S in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park and an M.S in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. I am an expert in Java. I have deep expertise in the Financial and Genomics domains. I am curious about programming languages that enable to express myself naturally. I am also curious about technologies and tools (read enabling technologies and tools that support clean code and refactoring) that simplify and enable me to achieve my goal of maximizing product value.

I have honed my skills in maximizing business value and customer satisfaction. I am focused and committed to the job at hand.

I value working on products that change the world. I value working on products that are simple to use, seem to "fit" into the customers way of working and solve real problems in a delightful and intuitive way.

I dislike working on products that simply mimic existing business processes, are a pain to use and make the user feel as if they would rather get a root canal than use the software I or my team develops.

You can find all the details regarding my technical expertise in my LinkedIn profile.

I am a CSM and find Scrum to be the lightest framework for delivering real product in a fun way. If a better framework comes along, you can be sure I will hasten to adopt it:-). I am a huge proponent of XP coding and testing portions as an enabler of Scrum.

If you find any of my bio objectionable, drop me a note and I will be happy to discuss. Perhaps we will come up with a way to make products that change the world in a way that enriches our lives as well.


Work experience

SRA International Inc, Senior Software Engineer
April 2011 - Present, Rockville, MD, United States
Software Engineer and Technical Lead on the project. Lead daily standups, retrospective and sprint planning meetings. Plan the sprint. Present sprint data to management. Architect the system. Design and implement features. Lead design meetings.


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