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David Rodriguez


Technical Fellow, Nordiska Servercentralen AB

Location: Stockhom



Certified ScrumMaster


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A proven project manager, development manager, serial entrepreneur, coach and team player.

I am working on a global market, and like to think of myself as flexible and adaptable, in regards to my current situation, work and projects that I am involved in.

Worked with software development for almost 20 years, with smaller and larger solutions.
I am diplomatic, but with an edge, and am not affraid of needed conflicts, even if I strive to avoid them if possible.
Working with people gives me joy, and seeing people, teams, projects, products or organizations grow, with contribution from me, has become a beacon for me as I look forward for new oportunities, partners and experiences.


Please contact me if you are interested to collaborate, share or just meet me!
I always enjoy getting to know new people.

Well met!

Work experience

Virtual Adepts, Project Manager
January 2011 - Present, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Project based consultancy company, technical, infrastructure and custom software development. Systemddesign, webbdevelopment, business development, mangement, hosting, cloudservices and more. Partnerting for the future.

Nordiska Servercentralen AB, Technical fellow
May 2010 - Present, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
As a technical fellow I am involved in development, leading distributed development teams, outsourced and inhouse. Working as a system architect and product owner..

SYMETRIX, Project Manager
July 2008 - August 2010, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Software engineering, assessments, outsourcing and marketing.

XROSSWIND, Project Manager
July 2005 - July 2008, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
With my experience in software development and solution designs, I was abel to provide a much needed service to the company, as well as bring in my network of connections, worldwide.

SERV2SERV, Management Consultant
December 2003 - July 2005, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Worked as a management consultant and hired out as senior projects amanger, COO or CEO for IT companies in need of stategy and sales.

DCVR, Founder, Porject Manager
October 1999 - June 2004, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Founder and manager of an IT consultancy company. Both with technical and development staff. IT infrastructure, security and business software consultancy. Graphical industry solutions inlcuded partnering with Autodesk, Discreet, Adobe and several others. A software development company specializing in Borland Delphi and Bold. Transition work to C#. The company developed it´s own software suits, managed marketing and sales.


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