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David Novick


Principal, Novick Consulting LLC

Location: Denver, CO/USA


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Hi! I'm David Novick. I've practicing scrum since 2016 both as a ScrumMaster and Scrum Product Owner. I focus on getting my teams to be as self-organizing as possible. I also work with leaders in my organizations to understand that Scrum is pervasive and touches everything from sales and marketing to human resources... that self-organizing teams negotiate their destiny and success and are measured, not individually, but a single functioning unit... the Scrum Team. And, I believe that Scrum, as a framework, can be applied beyond software and into any company that makes or distributes products, iteratively.

Work experience

March 2015 - Present, Philadelphia, PA, United States
* ScrumMaster and Coach * Started out with 2 teams - today I have 4 teams * Coach a couple other ScrumMasters in my group * Coach product owners in my group in best practices * Participate and at times lead book study with my engineering manager peers and my executive director ("Succeeding with Agile" by Mike Cohn) * Prepare products for release (we work in a CI and ATDD environment using GIT, Maven, Jenkins, Cucumber/Gherkin) * Provide input to leadership on all things Scrum * Coach engineering managers and other leaders on Scrum best practices

PointAcross, Product Owner
February 2014 - May 2016, Denver, CO, United States
* Product Owner for a customer account portal * Created backlog from scratch using BDD techniques with both the stakeholders and developers * Wrote UML Activity Diagrams and Use Cases to describe the behavior of features * Used those Use Cases as Epics and the basis of grooming and splitting stories using INVEST * Negotiated stories AND conditions of satisfaction with developers * Drove demos with stakeholders

Comcast, ScrumMaster
August 2013 - November 2013, Philadel, PA, United States
Comcast Wholesale Ethernet * Brought on board to transition a team into Scrum then hand over to another ScrumMaster * Helped assemble the Scrum Team * Worked with Product Owner to establish a baseline backlog * Established Scrum ceremonies and principles * Trained external stakeholders on Scrum best practices and the values of servant leadership * Lead the team through 6 - 2-week sprints which still saw handoff to an external testing and deployment team

Rovi, ScrumMaster
February 2013 - July 2013, Cambridge, MA, United States
* ScrumMaster for TWO teams - 1 in Cambridge, MA building a next generation Search & Recommendations application and 1 in Radnor, PA supporting enhancements of an existing Search & Recommendations application * Coached product owner on developing a hurricane roadmap for the next gen product * Lead all Scrum ceremonies for both teams * Facilitated Knowledge Transfer between the two teams to share technology and approach between the team applications * Oversaw competing of code reviews and on-team quality assurance through integration test * Helped promote continuous integration in the existing application * Worked with stakeholders and external parties to help them understand and accept the Scrum process * Keep both teams focused on their commitments as best as I could given the leadership environment (reliability was near 85%) * Performed sprint metrics which included but not limited to performance (velocity)

Comcast, Product Owner
March 2010 - November 2012, Philadelphia, PA, United States
Comcast Business Class * Product Owner for Order Management tool called Workbench * Product Owner for Order Entry tool customized from Salesforce * Helped set Workbench priorities over Plan of Record for 5 lines of business * Negotiated feature sets and priority among the stakeholders of those 5 lines of business * Worked with business analysts who wrote user stories and user requirements as well as mockups for the systems * Negotiated stories and other requests with developers * Helped manage change when bugs and other last minute requests needed to be submitted to the developers * Assisted stakeholders with Start, Stop, Continue documentation when releasing new features

TDAmeritrade, Product Owner
February 2009 - May 2009, Denver, Colorado, United States
* Product Owner for Account Management and Reconciliation application * Now with my CSPO and CSM under my belt, I started out this project spending a few weeks with stakeholders to map out desired state application along with gaps to determine the problems we needed to solve * I set success targets for the application we needed to build so that we would know when problem solving features were released * I mapped feature sets to the targets and the processes * I wrote and negotiated user stories with both stakeholders and developers * I included stakeholders on weekly meetings with developers to assist with progressive reviews of work prior to sprint end * I arranged for a developer at a time to spend time with stakeholder users to learn a bit about their roles and why building the application we were building was important to them * In the end, we delivered the application to the end-users with a very low defect rate and high acceptance

TDAmeritrade, Product Owner
June 2006 - December 2006, Denver, Colorado, United States
* Managed backlog for customization of a workload automation tool * Gathered feature sets based upon customer issues to solve * Wrote user stories applied to those feature sets with value expressed * Negotiated user stories with stakeholders and my scrum team as priority changed * Drove demos with stakeholders * Accepted or rejected stories based upon acceptance criteria


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