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David Hicks
CEO at agil8 Ltd.
UK, United Kingdom


I’m David Hicks, Agile Alliance Founder Member, consultant, trainer and coach. I have over 20 years experience of Agile, working on some of the largest and most complex implementations in the world; and I am the only person in the world certified to trainer level in Scrum, Lean-Kanban, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Agile Project Management/DSDM.  In 2015 I was voted ‘Most Popular Scrum Professional’ in the prestigious annual Agile Awards which recognise outstanding contributions in the field.

I got into this line of work in 1987 through my Masters degree thesis on iterative development which was published by the British Computer Society. I started my career in the hey-day of the waterfall as an analyst-programmer, team leader and ultimately project manager with a company called LBMS. LBMS were the originators of the PRINCE and SSADM structured methods. This was their main business .... but I was responsible for defining LBMS’s first iterative SDLC and worked with a lot of the early large 4GLs and client-server applications doing iterative development.


My career in Agile really took-off in the early 90’s when I started to use DSDM and became a certified Practitioner and Trainer. As an independent consultant in 1997 I was hired by British Airways to manage the implementation of DSDM as the standard method across their 5,000-strong IT organisation. I managed this Programme for nearly four years, and learned an awful lot about enterprise-Agile and organisational change. It also led me onto the Heathrow Terminal 5 project in 1998 which is where I first started using Scrum. A trip from Heathrow to a conference in 2001 is particularly memorable because I was asked by the organisers to give Ken Schwaber a lift in my car. I’d read his stuff but never met him before ... and of course by the time we arrived three hours later, I was totally converted!

I joined the Agile Alliance as a Founder member in 2002 and have been doing Agile consulting, training and coaching in a whole range of different contexts ever since, using the full range of Agile approaches including Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, DSDM, Agile Project Management and the Open/Agile Unified Process. I am a regular speaker on the Agile conference circuit and hold the following Agile qualifications:

- Certified Scrum Trainer

- Lean-Kanban University Accredited Kanban Trainer and Coach

- Certified SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Program Consultant

- Certified Lean IT Trainer

- Certified PMI Agile Certified Practitioner

- Certified APMG Agile Project Management Trainer

- Certified DSDM Agile Trainer

- Certified DSDM Agile Advanced Practitioner

- Certified Scrum Practitioner

- Certified Scrum Master

- Certified Scrum Product Owner

- Certified Agile Leadership Practitioner

Outside work I live in the beautiful countryside of SW England. I’m married, have two daughters aged 16 and 13, and for R&R indulge my passion for collecting and racing Ducati motorcycles and well as enjoying day trips and summer weekends in a 1966 VW Split Screen Campervan.

Student Comments from my Certified Scrum Training Classes

  • "Hey, Thanks for the great course -really enjoyed it and it has opened my eyes on how badly we do some of the things we do and how life can be much easier :) Really appreciated!"
  • "Trainer was brilliant - very knowledgeable and I learned lots from him."
  • "I thought this course was outstanding.  I had 2 years experience but learned a lot." 
  • "Good course, good summary of Agile and Scrum framework."
  • "Course was great; lecture inspiring; charismatic"
  • "Very well presented and laid out"
  • "Very thorough and advantaged hugely by trainer's hands-on experience"
  • "Very good course. Many thanks"
  • "Good course to understand basis of Agile and Scrum framework"
  • "Satisfied - I am sure this will help me"
  • "The instructor's knowledge of real world scenarious and applying Scrum was excellent. I'd recommend him for further courses of study"
  • "Excellent presentation skills"
  • "Good practical examples from his own experience"
  • "Provided live examples"
  • "Willing to discuss constraints"
  • "Very good course c Agile ontent; right balance between learning 'core' Scrum theory vs. comparison of Scrum with broader/other Agile methods and 'traditional' project/programme management"
  • "Excellent course which helped to provide knowledge of Scrum but also specific challenges. Good pace, committed and enthusiastic trainer with ability to tailor/manage course as required"
  • "Course was better than expected in terms of focus on 'real world' tips/techniques, and good re. latest thinking re. enterprise-wide aspects"
  • "David was an excellent course trainer, was very approachable and delivered the content in an easy to understand format. I would recommend this course to those who wish to embrace and Scrum"
  • "Enjoyable, right no of people, good mix"
  • "Very good course, great fun, learned a lot"
  • "A well presented course with a succesful combination of presentations and interactive work"
  • "Dave is an excellent trainer. I really appreciated covering scaling Agile to an enterprise level"
  • "Worthwhile course, well delivered"
  • "Dave's real life experiences helps to temper puerile versus pragmatic implementation"

Work Experience

agil8 Ltd, CEO
2012-06-18 - Present, London, , United Kingdom

Lean, Agile, Scrum consulting and training

RADTAC, Managing Director
1998-04-01 - 2012-06-15, London, , United Kingdom

Responsible for research and development and delivery of RADTAC services to major clients.

Various Organisations, Freelance Agile Consultant
1991-04-01 - 1998-03-31, London, , United Kingdom

Agile consultant, coach and trainer.

LBMS, Consultant and Trainer
1988-04-01 - 1991-03-31, London, W1N 9LF, United Kingdom

Consultant and trainer in pre-Agile RAD approaches, project management and systems development.