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Dustin Ghia


Software Engineer, Engineering

Location: Quito, Pichincha/Ecuador


Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster



I am a professional software engineer, I comprehend, analyze and resolve problems attempting always the best result in benefit of people and organizations. I am currently working as Scrum Master and Lead Developer in a BID software project.

Through time I have worked in different areas related to IT, software development and project management, treating with heterogenic teams and people, which has allowed me to expand my skills for collaborating within a team as well as to guide them.

I also have university teaching experience in subjects that regard my professional profile, as well as being an instructor for the classes made by Oracle University, which corresponds to one of my greatest likes and abilities: teaching.

My education includes a college degree of 5A ISCED level and some specific courses, but I am above all self-taught. I possess solid technology and methodology knowledge for the development of enterprise information systems, mainly for the JEE platform. I understand and efficiently use design patterns and principles, but mostly I apply scientific and engineering criteria to my work, as it may be required.

I define myself as an optimist, committed, investigator, mentor, critic, colleague, lover of the martial arts and the use of strategy. I don’t hold affinity towards routine when it doesn’t enrich my human experience and I am not fond of Jazz.

My current professional goals are to contribute to the State of the Art Software Development through the practice of my vision and philosophy of making software; contribute to enrich the culture of Latin American Industry, particularly in the field of Software; and venture into the field of ontology and psychology applied to human work.


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