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Dennis Bowne


Managing Director, CapTech Consulting

Location: Richmond, VA


Certified ScrumMaster



Dennis Bowne is the Managing Director overseeing the Agile Community of Practice at CapTech Consulting. After over a decade of leading large programs and projects through waterfall development processes, I was asked to consider Scrum by several members of my development team for a new enterprise platform implementation project. I quickly moved from entrenched skeptic to agile advocate, and I have been mentoring and coaching agile teams ever since.

I have participated on, led, and coached agile teams for fortune 100 Financial companies for the last several years. Helping clients negotiate the agile transformation process and develop an understanding and appreciation for Agile Principals is my primary driver. Our teams focus on the practical aspects of Scrum Team delivery and frameworks for managing large-scale agile efforts.



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