Calandra Taylor-Porter
Scrum Master at Northrop Grumman.
Baltimore, MD


Calandra is a stellar and diligent Certified Scrum Master with several years of executing Scrum.  As a Scrum Master, Calandra posses empathy developing and a connection with her Scrum teams.  She has had the opportunity to lead software development Scrum teams, and be apart of governement and private Agile organizational and leadership transformations using the Scrum methodologies.  She has provided Scrum Teams, Stakeholders and Management Teams with Agile Lifecycle coaching, routine Scrum ceremonies and monitoring Scrum Team performance.  She has trained and assisted with identifying the project Scrum Team's roles and responsibilities as needed in order to  build and prioritize the Product Backlog which includes participation from stakeholders and business operations. Calandra is instrumental in facilitating and directing her Scrum Teams to success by practicing routine Agile disciplines, team building exercises, Sprint ceremonies and translate to functional product planned releases.

Calandra has provided Agile tool training, Agie Team Training, Agile Community of Practice, Lunch and Learns and  Scrum Master Community of Practice sessions across governement agencies. These efforts allowed the agency to align with the ageny Agile transformation's career paths to support the organization's Scrum project teams.

Work Experience

Northrop Grumman , Scrum Master
2016-03-21 - Present, Windsor Mill , MD, US
Coach scrum teams and clients on the transition from Waterfall to Agile methodology and the adoption of Agile Manifestos. Work with Product Owner to prioritize and groom User Stories in the Product Backlog in preparation of the Sprint Planning. Coach scrum teams and customers on how to scale agile to enterprise level. Work with development team to decompose the User Stories into tasks and assign hours to the tasks. Facilitate the scrum ceremonies: Sprint Planning, Daily scrums, Sprint Review and Demo and Retrospective. Act as Scrum Master for Social Security Agile Transformation Team. Facilitate all Agile Sprint ceremonies, Scrum Team Trainings, Agile tool Trainings, meetings and sessions. Promote and encourage project Scrum Teams to elicit requirements, collaborate and prioritize Product Backlogs. Provide Agile training and coaching to the project core team and stakeholders as needed and requested.
Information Innavators, Inc., Srum Master
2015-05-05 - 2016-03-14, Springfield , Virginia, US
Coached the Product Owner/Project Manager to prioritize, groom and decompose Users Stories, based on business value. Entered prioritized and groomed User Stories in the Product Backlog in preparation of the future Sprint Planning ceremonies. Prepared and coached the Product Owner and the cross-functional develop team to estimate point User Stories, utilizing Fibonacci sequence. Worked with development team to decompose the User Stories into tasks and assign hours to the tasks. Facilitates the Scrum ceremonies: Sprint Planning, Daily scrums, Sprint Review/Demo and Retrospective. Assist the Project Management Office with support for program related briefings, status, stakeholder meetings, presentations, and activities. Provide government Product Management and PMO support to assist with researching, analyzing, and identifying best practices, formulating/maintaining work plans, IMS schedules, project management plans, SharePoint repository, assessing performance measurements and outcomes for statistical reporting. Assist with monitoring and reporting risks associated with the project with federal oversight. Provide support to assist with managing and developing long-term plans and goals for upcoming Fiscal Year funding activities.