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Charles Suscheck


Agile Coach and Scrum Master

Location: Columbus, OH


Certified ScrumMaster



Dr. Charles Suscheck is a creative thinker with a proven track record of process introduction and mentoring staff in process and software engineering. Experienced in all aspects of business and technical analysis.

• Senior consultant - specialist in mentoring and introducing Agile/Scrum. Certified Scrum Master and Practitioner.
• Expert in use case development and application with extensive experience mentoring and training fortune 500 companies as well as over 20 publications on software development.
• Experienced with customizing Agile and RUP based processes for a large variety of companies, from large government organizations such as the Marine Corps to small entrepreneurial business.
• OMG Certified UML 2.0 Professional and an IBM Certified Specialist for both Rational Unified Process and use case development with RequisitePro.
• Experienced in course design and delivery at the university graduate level as well as corporate level.
• Industry experience in telecom, military applications, manufacturing, finance, marketing, casino gaming, shrink-wrapped software, banking, and sales.
• Experienced in architecture and development using a wide variety of technology including XML, XHTML, Relational and object databases, C#,, Delphi, Java, PHP, and mainframes.

Articles I've written

New to User Stories?
Everyone knows that to do Scrum well, you must change the way you approach requirements. But when you're just getting started it's hard to know the difference between traditional requirements, use cases, and user stories. And even harder to know which one works for you. Charles Suscheck, with co-author William Nazzarro, shares his knowledge and experience to help you choose the methodology that works best for you.


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