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Ronald Compton


Sr. Security Specialist, NexGen Associates

Location: Fairfax, VA

(202) 536-7605


Certified ScrumMaster



Ronald Compton

NexGen Associates - Fairfax, VA

Sr. Security Engineer August 2011 to Current

Defense Health Services Systems Program Executive Office is the nation’s largest information technology acquisition program for the Department of the Defense Military Health System. As a Sr. Security Engineer I concurrently provided Information Assurance support to five DHSS applications that were deployed to over 100 Military Treatment Facilities world-wide.


Completed two Certification and Accreditation efforts within the first 90 days of contract engagement.

Closed all inherited POA&Ms with the exception of items relating to IPV6.

Maintained Authority To Operate (ATO’S) of all assigned systems

Proposed synchronization of Information Assurance activities that successfully led to significant cost-avoidance for several assigned systems.


Employ process-driven procedures to ensure timely completion of Certification and Accreditation (C&A) efforts under DIACAP for all risk assessments and annual reviews.

Maintain continuous and high level of system security through the Information Assurance Vulnerability Management (IAVM) process and use of the Vulnerability Management System (VMS).

Draft and update IA documentation according to DHSS standards with data gathered from system analysis, independent research and interviews.

Provide information assurance (IA) requirements and recommendations on Statement of Work (SOW) and Request for Proposals (RFP) for the COTS (commercial off-the-shelf), integrator and maintenance support vendor contracts.

Participate in Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) in support of security aspects to Government for product and vendor contracts

Participate in Internal Baseline Reviews (IBR), Technical Requirements Reviews (TRR), Preliminary Design Reviews (PDR), and Critical Design

Supervisory IT Specialist February 2008 to February 2012

The Office of the Solicitor is the legal arm for the U.S. Department Of The Interior. The Office consists of approximately 400 attorneys scattered across the country headed by the third ranking officer of the Department. A short list of challenges during my five years in the organization include Federal Court mandated disconnect from the Internet, an aged infrastructure last refreshed as part of Y2K activities, a non-existent IT budget, no IT visibility in the Department, and an unstructured IT organization.

My held titles ranged from Customer Support Supervisor to Deputy CIO and responsibilities included oversight of operations and projects encompassing IT customer support, Information Security and Network Infrastructure.


Help institutionalize IT financial management activities yielding a predictable IT budget and lifecycle refreshes

Refreshed the entire IT environment from every desktop PC to all the servers in the data centers.

Virtualized server infrastructure and negotiated co-location of racks and data circuit sharing with Department OCIO enabling the Office of the Solicitor to eliminate all Solicitors’s leased /owned data centers prior to the creation of the Federal Data Center Consolidation mandate of OMB.

Repurposed planned disaster recovery site to a robust alternate processing site. This enabled the office to load balance and provide faster connectivity to some resources while enabling full redundancy of critical applications.

Implemented and managed Service Level Agreements between IT services and business units.

Implemented tools that provided real time health and security monitoring of network resources and then dual-purposed underutilized existing call center agents to provide front line monitoring for IT security and network infrastructure.

Designed and implemented virtual desktop computing solution. The new desktop architecture allows the business to use a variety of internet connected devices to access a secure USGCB STIG compliant image within the DOI\SOL secure network. The new virtual desktop environment has allowed greater flexibility in work locations and a more manageable desktop environment at a lower cost.

Raised the Office of the Solicitor IT visibility in the Department and became an active/voting member of the Departments various IT advisory boards and steering committees.


Received the “Solicitor’s Award” which is the highest obtainable award in the organization, along with “Employee of Quarter” and frequent service awards.


Work experience

Darden Group LLC., Sr. Security Specialist
August 2011 - Present, Alexandria, VA, United States
Contracted to the U.S. Government to ensure supported IT systems meet FISMA compliance. Activities include Certification and Accreditation, general operations and maintenance, risk assesments, and IT lifecycle management.


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