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Christian Macedo


Scrum Master, Truphone

Location: London, United Kingdom



Certified ScrumMaster



Christian Macedo

As a great believer in enabling development teams to deliver quality software to their clients, Scrum has become an invaluable tool to all of the organisatons and software development teams I've worked with around the world. 

Starting with CPQi in Fortaleza, Brazil and through Excelian and Truphone in the UK the implementation proved itself not only to the developers but also to middle and upper management over and over again. 

I've used the process in personal projects which allowed the small development team to deliver consistently to our users. And enabled us to hit our delivery date with issues we could mark as 'known', 'low priority', and which caused zero surprise. 

In working with this process I also identified the need for both 'the business' end of an organisation, and 'the development' end, to be able to learn about the intricacies of the process. To this end I started in September of 2012. 

I'm continually looking for opportunities to implement what can at times be a lifesaver of a process. 


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