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Colleen Esposito


Agile Coach, Assurant Solutions

Location: Miami, FL


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Colleen Esposito

My first experience in Scrum came in 2009 when my employer implemented the framework across all of their development teams. Although I wasn't able to attend the initial training session, I became a member of the Scrum Alliance and used the tools on the site, along with information gathered from experts in the field both inside and outside our organization, to setup an information radiator.  We used all of the events of Scrum, and several practices that are now generally accepted such as grooming, burndown -and eventually burnup- charts, planning poker, continuous integration, and automation testing.  I eventually became the company's "Scrum expert" and created a training program for new practioners who were implementing Scrum in other offices.

In 2011, I moved to another employer and used elements of Scrum to create processes that helped us setup and manage a portfolio of internal and University research projects. I also lead an internal research investigation utilizing a Scrum-based approach to locate new product opportunities.

In 2013, I had learned enough that I was able to apply my knowledge of Agile/Scrum methodology and general project management principles at my next employer to lead two cross-functional geographically-dispersed Scrum teams through 4 projects, removing impediments blocking the teams from achieving project goals. We adopted quality as the most important aspect of our teams, and were the first 2 teams within the company to deliver a feature with NO defects. I mentored and trained other Project/Scrum Teams, Scrum Masters, and Project Managers. I championed the adoption of Agile/Scrum and contributed to the development of Scrum practices.  I also created standards and procedures for project dashboards and a minimal amount of documentation that was required in the organization's Definition of Done.

In 2013, I attended my first Scrum Gathering, where I gained additional knowledge that allowed me to present a Scrum Master maturity program for the team. In all of my interactions, I've been able to gain tremendous trust from our customers by bringing transparency and honest communication into our relationship.  I then moved into a coaching role when the consultant left the organization.

In late 2013, I continued coaching when I moved to an organization where Scrum turned out not to be a fit because of the lack of planning at the higher levels of the organization, and championed introducing a mashup framework of Scrum and Kanban (called Scrumban) to the team.  Through this framework the team is able to focus on one item at a time, allowing them to increase efficiency and teamwork.  As a testament to this, when I joined the team in December 2013, the team released less than once a month, and through introducing this framework, we've improved our speed to market and are currently releasing once a week, and making plans to implement a continuous delivery approach in the next year.

I then started coaching other teams, created an agile maturity assessment for the organization, and made recommendations that organization start using some scaling components, such as Community of Practices, Quarterly Release Planning, Address Systemic Challenges within the Organization through a Team of Teams forum, and start a development-led Scrum of Scrums.

I've since moved into an Enterprise level coaching role, and am now part of a community of Enterprise Coaches at Assurant Solutions.  The team has created a Scrum Master Candidate Assessment, a Scrum Master Maturity Assessment, a Team Assessment, launched a Product Owner Community of Practice, agile discussion groups and agile coaching blogs. We hold regular Agile Coaching Circles, help with department agile adoptions, and hold workshops and training classes for teams, leaders, and stakeholders.

Work experience

Assurant Solutions, Agile Cloach
May 2017 - Present, Miami, Florida, US
Coach, mentor, guide, lead and transform departments and teams across the 14,000 employee base. Our engagements range from Scrum Master Candidate assessments and interviews, to Agile Adoptions within entire departments. The coaching community chairs the Scrum Master and Product Owner Communities or Practice, presents topics at the Agile Coaching Circle, stands up Sharepoint sites, creates Yammer discussion groups, and generates engagement through regular posts and discussion threads. We encourage adoption through the entire organization by increasing the knowledge and awareness of Agile principles and practices, and practicing them ourselves as we complete our engagements.

Kaplan Inc, Agile Scrum Master and Coach
December 2013 - May 2017, Ft Lauderdale, FL, US
Lead a cross-functional geographically-dispersed team working on multiple customer needs using Scrum and Scrumban frameworks. Champion Agile practices and principles. Encourage, motivate and transform team practices to deliver quickly while increasing customer involvement and feedback. In May of 2015, I began coaching for 2 organizations, created an Agile Maturity survey based on the 12 principles of Agile, and recommended improvements to improve the level of maturity within those organizations.

K12, Inc (Contracted by KForce from 2/13 to 7/13), Scrum Master
February 2013 - December 2013, Herndon, VA, US
Apply advanced level knowledge of Agile/Scrum methodology and general project management principles to provide mentoring to junior project managers and leadership to project teams; Lead two cross-functional geographically-dispersed Scrum projects guiding teams through all phases of the project life cycle managing risks, issues, and removing impediments blocking teams from achieving project goals on schedule and within budget; Mentor and train Project/Scrum Teams, Scrum Masters, and Project Managers; Contribute to the development and champion the adoption of Agile/Scrum and project management practices; Establish standards and procedures for project reporting and documentation; Communicate progress through daily status updates and weekly written reports; Coordinate custom solutions with other departments in the organization; Maintain and develop strong working relationships with Business Owners as well as internal Technology groups. •Created executive-level reporting dashboards for Program Management team •First product to successfully implement new Identity Management System

VERISIGN, INC, Sr. Technical Project Manager
October 2011 - February 2013, Reston, VA, US
Create processes using elements of Scrum methodology to create and manage a portfolio of internal and University research projects. Lead internal research-based investigation utilizing a Scrum-based approach to locate new product opportunities. Improve usability, visibility, and functionality of Verisign Labs Extranet by suggesting modifications to the site design. •Managed communications and award selection for 2012 Grants program

Online Resources, Inc, Scrum Master
February 2009 - October 2011, Chantilly, VA, US
Serve as Scrum Master for teams migrating from waterfall to agile methodologies. Managed multiple development projects to improve the Online Banking system and add to the mobile channel presence with Mobile Browser and SMS. Communicate with cross-functional Directors, Senior Directors, Vice Presidents, and other leaders. •Rollout of Agile (Scrum) methodology to geographically dispersed teams •Managed pilot of new enterprise tools for agile and defect tracking (Greenhopper and Jira)


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